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Stockdale Center for Ethical Leadership
Stockdale Center for Ethical Leadership
Stockdale in the winter

McCain Conference Video

The annual McCain Conference of the service academies and allied institutions is an annual event made possible by the generosity of Mrs. Cindy McCain. Each year intensive focus is put upon a pressing or emerging issue in military ethics. This page houses video from the most recent conference proceedings.  Video from previous conferences can be found at the Stockdale Center's YouTube channel.

If you are interested in more information about attending the next conference please visit our McCain Conference Program page.

2022 McCain Conference - "The Ethics of Military Artificial Intelligence."


2021 McCain Conference - "The Ethics of Intelligence and Gray Zone Operations"

2019 McCain Conference - "Moral Virtue and Moral Injury"

2018 McCain Conference - "The Ethics of Intrastate Conflict"

2017 McCain Conference - "The Ethics of Future Conflict Scenarios"

2016 McCain Conference - "The State and Future of Civil-Military Relations"

2015 McCain Conference - "Teaching the Just War Tradition"

2014 McCain Conference - "Comparative Warfare Ethics"

2013 McCain Conference - "Ethics and Societal Decline"

2012 McCain Conference - "Warfare in a New Domain: The Ethics of Military Cyber Operations"

2011 McCain Conference - "Ten Years Later: Warfare Ethics Since 9/11"

2010 McCain Conference - "New Warriors and Weapons: The Ethics of Emerging Military Technologies"