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History Department

Mark R. Hagerott, 

PhD, CAPT USN (Retired) Deputy Director and Distinguished Professor of Cyber Security 

  •  Phone: 410-293-0937
  •  E-mail: 
  •   The United States Naval Academy
        572 Holloway Road
        Annapolis, MD 21402


  • B.S. United States Naval Academy, Annapolis, MD

  • M.A. Oxford University, Oxford England (Rhodes Scholarship)

  • Ph.D., University of Maryland, College Park

Other Educational Professional Experience

Security Force Assistance/Advisor:  Afghan Army, Air Corps, and Police programs

Course work - U.S. Military Academy, West Point

Technical Certifications and Training - Naval Nuclear Engineering, AEGIS Combat System, CEC Networks, TLAM Missile System, SANS 401, NSA Seminar on SCADA Security

Selected Professional Recognition

Rhodes Scholarship

White House Fellowship

Selected as "One of Top 70 Military Thinkers", for "Future of War Survey", Foreign Policy, March-April 2013

Legion of Merit, for service as Director, Strategic Advisory Group, and Navy OIC, at NATO Training Mission, Camp Eggers, Afghanistan, 2011.

Naval War College, Hugh G. Nott Prize Publication Competition, (co-recipient, Honorable Mention), 2009.

John D. Hayes Fellowship in Naval History, 2007.

Johns Hopkins University-Naval Institute "Principles of War" writing award, (co-recipient, First Honorable Mention), 2005.

Atlantic Fleet Intelligence Award, to USS KAUFFMAN FFG-59 (while serving as Commanding Officer during deployment in Northern Persian Gulf), 2002-2003.

Article of the Year--C4I Category, Armed Forces Communications Electronics Association (AFCEA), 2001.

Various Unit and Personal Citations and Awards while serving in Information/Network assignments to include Reactor Controls, CIC Officer, Combat System Officer, and on AEGIS cruiser CEC network test platform. In addition, served as Chief Nuclear Engineer of a dual reactor plant. Service aboard five U.S. combat ships, USS NORMANDY, USS CAPE ST GEORGE, USS BAINBRIDGE, USS TEXAS, and USS KAUFFMAN. 



Presenter, "Lethal Autonomous Weapons Systems: Offering a Framework", United Nations at Geneva, Conference on Lethal Autonomous Weapons, Geneva, Switzerland, 12-16 May 2014

Presenter, "The Cyber-Robotic Revolution", USCYBERCOM, Ft Meade, MD,  4 February 2014  

Presenter, "Making Sense of Cyber, Robots, and War: Suggesting a Framework of Analysis", Yale University, Center for Social and Policy Analysis, Seminar, New Haven, CT, 11 December 2013

Panel Member, "Building the Next Generation of Cyber Leaders: Cyber Security at the Service Academies", at Cyber Education Symposium, Arlington, VA, 19-20 November, 2013

Panel Member, "What are the Limits and Boundaries of Cyber", at the Defense One Summit, Washington, D.C., 14 November 2013

Presenter, "What to Expect as Cyber Disrupts the Navy: Discerning a Pattern of Technological Revolutions and a Framework for the Future", Speaker for Mrs. Victoria M. and RADM W. Haley Rogers, '47 Fall Cyber Lecture Program, Annapolis, MD, 8 November 2013.

Panel Member, National Security Panel in the Post-Afghanistan Era: Discussion of Lessons Learned, Renaissance Weekend, Jackson Hole, 6 July, 2013  

Presenter, “Machines, Cyber, History, and War: the Trajectory of Military Technology and Implications for Human Security,” 27 March 2013, at NEXTECH Conference, co-sponsored by Office of Secretary of Defense,  Annapolis, MD.

Presenter, “Robots and Cyber: the Trajectory of Technology and the Implications for Global Social Stability and Security”,  Baylor University, October 27, 2012, at the “Baylor Symposium on Technology and Human Flourishing”.

Presenter, "Rickover, Reactors and the Rise of a Technocratic Elite in the U.S. Navy, 1955-1975", at Hixon Forum for Responsive Science and Engineering,  Harvey Mudd College,  Claremont, CA, March 2012.

Chair of Flag Panel, “Articulating Demand: Community challenges in need of innovative solutions”,  Navy Warfare Development Command, Norfolk, VA,  March 2012.

Presenter and panel member, "History of Technological Revolutions: the Emergence of the Third Realm of Conflict", at the "Symposium: "Robot Ethics", panel "Robot Rhetoric: Revolution or Evolution",  Pentagon Conference Center, Washington, D.C., 26 January 2012

Presenter, “Robots, History, and War”, French Military Academy, St Cyr, France, November 2011.

Presenter, "Admiral Rickover and Nuclear Trained Officers: a 'New Kind of Man' for a Dangerous Technology", Naval History Symposium,  September 2011.

Presenter, "Counter Insurgency Theory Meets Reality: Problems of the “Build” Phase in COIN Theory," Naval History Symposium, September 2011.

Presenter/Panel Member, “After the Long War: What Could Flat and/or Declining Defense Budgets Mean for Navy Plans and Programs”, Conference, West 2011 Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association and U.S. Naval Institute, San Diego, CA, January 2011.

Panel member, “Workshop on the Future of Generalship”, at Center for New American Security, 17 November 2010.

Presenter/Panel Member, “Kabul to Kolkata and Beyond: the Clash of Civilizations and History of Technology”, at annual Society for History of Technology Conference, October 2010.

Presenter/Panel Member, "Assessing Afghan Policing", Conference, Institute for Study of War, Washington DC., April 2010.

Presenter/Panel Member, "Afghanistan", Center for Naval Analyses,  Spring 2010.

Presenter, "A Century of Naval Line Officer Reforms in Perspective", to Senior Staff, House Armed Services Committee, Washington DC, 26 August 2009.

Briefer/Presenter, "Rebalancing the Force: Perspectives and Recommendations Concerning Naval Line Officer Reforms", to the Chief of Naval Personnel, Washington DC., 24 April 2009.

Presenter,  "Learning to Command the Human and Machine: Technology, Education, and the Transformation of the Naval Profession, 1899-1975", Mershon Center, "Frontiers of Military History",  Ohio State University, May 2009.

Panel Member/Presenter, "Service Academy Education", at Society for Military History Annual Meeting, April 2009.

Commentator/Moderator, Panel "International Relations and Security in the Gulf", at Gulf and Globe Conference, US Naval Academy, Feb 2009.

Presenter, "Commanding Men and Machines", Institute for Defense Analysis, November 2008.

Presenter, "The Origins of Modern Admiralship: Education, Professionalism, and the Ideology of Technocracy in the Cold War U.S. Navy," Smithsonian Institution, National Air and Space Museum, Washington DC., Seminar on Contemporary Science and Technology, February 2008.

Presenter, "War, Technology, and the Military Mind," Naval War College, November 2006.

Presenter, "War, Technology, and the Military Mind," Center for Naval Analyses, July 2005.

Numerous Pentagon, Afghanistan ISAF, and Fleet HQ  decision briefings and classified research and assessment briefings are not included in this listing. 


Chapter, "Robots, Cyber, History, and War", chapter 3, in Robots on the Battlefield, eds., Gérard de Boisboissel, Jean Paul Hanon, and Didier Danet, Fort Leavenworth, KS:  Combat Studies Institute Press, 2014

Article, co-author with Braden Allenby,  "Universal Conscription as Technology Policy", in Issues in Science and Technology, a publication of the National Academy of Sciences, Fall-Winter 2013-14 

Article, "Approaching the Limits of Speed and Automation in the Cyber Age?", Cyber Security Policy and Research Institute, Washington, D.C., 9 December 2013

Article, “A Future in Denial: What Science Fiction isn’t Telling us About Surveillance Today or Tomorrow”,  30 July 2013, co-author  Daniel Sarewitz.

Article, “May the Robot Shoot Back at the Human”, The Virginian Pilot, 9 December 2012.

Chapter,  “Robots, History, and War”, in Le Guerre Robitsee,  eds., Gérard de Boisboissel, Jean Paul Hanon, and Didier Danet,  St Cyr, France,  May 2012.

Article, "Consequences of Cutbacks?: A Changed Officer Corps", in U.S. Naval Institute Proceedings, September 2011.

Article, “A Patchwork Strategy of Consensus: Establishing Rule of Law in Afghanistan”, in Joint Forces Quarterly, October 2010, with COL Thomas Umberg and MAJ Joseph Jackson.

Article, "Curing Afghanistan", in Foreign Policy Magazine, 7 April 2010, with LTG William Caldwell.

Chapter, "Rebalancing the Naval Officer Corps", in Center for New American Security, Keeping the Edge: Revitalizing America's Officer Corps, Washington DC,  Feb 2010.

Review, Journal of Military History Vol. 74, No. 1. January 2010, From Hot War to Cold: The U.S. Navy and National Security Affairs, 1945-1955, by Jeffrey G. Barlow, 299-301.

Article, "The Heart of an Officer", with ADM James Stavridis, Naval War College Review, Spring 2009.

Article, "The Shifting Domain of War: from the Human to the Machine",  with Mark Gorenflo, CDR, USN, U.S. Naval Institute Proceedings, November 2006.

Article, "Time to Think as One Navy," U.S. Naval Institute Proceedings, August 2001.

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