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P. H. Magruder Photograph Collection, 1850-1952 (bulk 1850-1912): Finding Aid

Published in April 2019

Summary Information

  • Publisher: United States Naval Academy. Special Collections & Archives.
  • Publisher Address:
    589 McNair Road
    Annapolis, Maryland 21402-5029, USA
    Phone: 410-293-6917
  • Call number: MS 500
  • Location: Special Collections & Archives Department - Manuscripts
  • Title: P. H. Magruder Photograph Collection
  • Dates: 1850-1952
  • Bulk Dates: 1850-1912
  • Size: 0.42 linear feet
  • Container Summary: 1 manuscript box
  • Collector: Magruder, P. H.
  • Language(s) of material: English
  • Abstract: P. H. Magruder was the Secretary of the United States Naval Academy from 1907 to 1933. The P. H. Magruder Photograph Collection spans from 1850 to 1952, with a majority of the materials ceasing by 1912. The photographs largely depict the United States Naval Academy's buildings, grounds, and training ships from the 19th century and early 20th centuries.

Biography of P. H. Magruder

Peter H. Magruder, son of John Reed Magruder was a native of Annapolis, Maryland. Originally a member of the Class of 1903 of St. John's College, Magruder left St. John's during his senior year. Beginning a career as a civilian clerk at the United States Naval Academy, Magruder initially worked as a Senior Assistant to O. G. Dodge in the Department of Buildings and Grounds. Following the promotion of James G. Glynn to the position of Secretary of the Naval Academy, Magruder was promoted to fill Glynn's vacancy as a clerk in the Superintendent's Office. In 1907, Magruder was subsequently promoted to Secretary of the Naval Academy, a position he held until 1933. In addition to his duties as Secretary, Magruder wrote numerous articles on the history of the Naval Academy for United States Naval Institute Proceedings, including "A Walk Through the Naval Academy in Bygone Days and Today" (June 1929, May 1932), "The Spanish Naval Prisoners of War at Annapolis, 1898" (June 1930), "Naval Academy Practice Ships" (May 1934), "The Colonial Government House of Maryland" (October 1935), and "The U.S. Naval Academy and Annapolis During the Civil War 1861-1865" (August 1945, April 1946).

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Description of Contents

The P. H. Magruder Photograph Collection, comprising 0.42 linear feet of photographic materials, spans from 1850 to 1952, with a majority of the materials ceasing by 1912. The photographs largely depict the United States Naval Academy's buildings, grounds, and training ships from the 19th century and early 20th centuries.

Included among the photographs is an article written by Magruder, as well as indexes to the photographs.

The Magruder Collection is organized into two series by subject matter. Series 1: United States Naval Academy - General Photographs consists primarily of black-and-white photographic prints of the Naval Academy's buildings and grounds prior to the reconstruction of the Academy by Ernest Flagg, with two photographs dating from the reconstruction period itself. The series also includes photographs of several training vessels, Annapolis harbor, the Naval Academy Band, and the crew team. A small selection of portraits of Academy Superintendents and other notable military leaders, both in the form of photographs and engravings, is included. Series 2: United States Naval Academy - Practice Ships, consists of black-and-white photographs and clippings of Naval Academy training vessels, presumably used by the Maryland State Archives in an exhibit entitled "U.S. Naval Academy Practice Ships of Bygone Days: Era of Sail and "Square Rigger" at N.A. 1845-1912, Collected over a period of years by P. H. Magruder, Secretary, N.A." Also included in the series is a copy of Magruder's "Naval Academy Practice Ships," originally published in United States Naval Institute Proceedings, Volume 60, Number 5, May 1934.

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The P. H. Magruder Photograph Collection is organized into the following two series:

  • Series 1: United States Naval Academy - General Photographs, 1850-1952
  • Series 2: United States Naval Academy - Practice Ships, 1860-1934
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Access and Use


Access is unrestricted.

Copyright and Permission

The P. H. Magruder Photograph Collection is the physical property of Nimitz Library. Copyright belongs to the authors or creators of the works, or their legal representatives. For further information, consult the Head, Special Collections & Archives.

It is the responsibility of the researcher to secure written permission to publish, reprint, or reproduce material from Special Collections & Archives. The researcher assumes responsibility for infringement of copyright or literary or publication rights. Please contact the Head, Special Collections & Archives for permission to publish and for further information.

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Acquisition and Appraisal

Custodial History

P. H. Magruder's collection of photographs was originally donated to the Maryland State Archives.

Provenance and Acquisition

Gift of the Maryland State Archives in November 1991. Accession No. 91-63.

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Related Materials

Related Archival Material

There are no other known collections of papers of P. H. Magruder.

Materials Cataloged Separately

No materials have been removed from this collection and cataloged separately.

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Processing and Other Information

Preferred Citation

P. H. Magruder Photograph Collection, MS 500

Special Collections & Archives Department

Nimitz Library

United States Naval Academy

Selected Bibliography

The following sources were consulted during preparation of the biographical note:

Magruder, Peter H. Vertical File, Special Collections & Archives, Nimitz Library.

Processing Information

This collection was processed by David D'Onofrio in April 2019. Finding aid written by David D'Onofrio in April 2019.

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Subject Headings

Name and Subject Terms

  • Annapolis (Md.) -- Photographs
  • United States Naval Academy -- Buildings and grounds
  • United States Naval Academy -- School ships

Genre Terms

  • Clippings (information artifacts)
  • Photographs
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Contents List

Series 1: United States Naval Academy - General Photographs, 1850-1952

Series Description

Black-and-white photographs of various scenes of the United States Naval Academy. Specifically, the photographs depict Naval Academy buildings and grounds from the 19th and early 20th centuries, along with several portraits of Academy officers, staff, and training vessels, as well as images of Annapolis. Filed at the beginning of the series is an index of the photographs, although not all of the photographs in the series are represented therein.

Series Arrangement

Arranged alphabetically by topic.

Box 1 Folder 1

Index, undated

Box 1 Folder 2

Aircraft, 1952

Midshipmen with a Martin PBM Mariner.

Box 1 Folder 3

Annapolis, undated

Annapolis Harbor, the original Annapolis Yacht Club, the Maryland State House rotunda, St. John's College, Lockerman-Tilton House, and Farmers national Bank.

Box 1 Folder 4

Blake Row, 1887, undated

Box 1 Folder 5

Board of Visitors House, 1870

Box 1 Folder 6

Buchanan Row, 1896 (approximate), undated

Box 1 Folder 7

Cemetery and Cemetery Point, 1896 (approximate), undated

The William Cushing Tomb, Cadets' New Quarters, and pencil sketches of Cemetery Point.

Box 1 Folder 8

Chapel, 1870-1905 (approximate), undated

First Chapel (later Lyceum), Second Chapel, Second Chapel interior, and construction of Flagg Chapel from Porter Row.

Box 1 Folder 9

Crew Team, 1894

Box 1 Folder 10

Cushing's Launch, 1866 (approximate)

Launch used by William B. Cushing in sinking the C.S.S. Albemarle.

Box 1 Folder 11

Drills and Formations, 1888-1892, undated

Artillery drills performed near the Marine Barracks, Fort Severn, and Old Mulberry Tree.

Box 1 Folder 12

Fort Madison, 1850 (approximate)

Pencil sketch of Fort Madison, overlooking Annapolis Harbor and the Naval Academy.

Box 1 Folder 13

Fort Severn/Gymnasium, 1890 (approximate)-1892, undated

Box 1 Folder 14

Gas House and Power Plant, 1868, undated

One image features a torpedo boat anchored in the Severn River.

Box 1 Folder 15

Gates, 1860-1861

Box 1 Folder 16

Governor's Mansion/Superintendent's Office and Library, 1868-1896 (approximate), undated

Box 1 Folder 17

Hospital, undated

Porter's Folly.

Box 1 Folder 18

Japanese Bell, undated

Box 1 Folder 19

Maps, 1845-1945

Box 1 Folder 20

Naval Academy Band, 1869 (approximate)

Box 1 Folder 21

Observatory, undated

Box 1 Folder 22

Order of Admiral Porter, 1867

Order regarding Midshipman Thompson's horn playing.

Box 1 Folder 23

Porter Row and Marine Barracks, undated

Box 1 Folder 24

Portraits, undated

Ambrose Burnside, Edwin Dennis, George Blake, David Foote Sellers, Franklin Buchanan, and Benjamin Butler.

Box 1 Folder 25

Roads and Walks, 1873, undated

Box 1 Folder 26

Saluting Battery, 1850-1890 (approximate)

Sketch of view from Old Windmill Point (including ramparts of Fort Madison and Greenbury Point Light) and saluting battery in front of Fort Severn.

Box 1 Folder 27

Santee, undated

Includes Fort Severn.

Box 1 Folder 28

Ships, 1861 (approximate), undated

Includes an image from the deck of a Russian ship during the American Civil War.

Box 1 Folder 29

Stribling Row, 1868, undated

Box 1 Folder 30

Superintendent's Quarters, 1861-1873, undated

Box 1 Folder 31

Views of the Naval Academy, 1857-1900

Includes aerial views, images of gardens, Stribling Row, and Macdonough Hall under construction.

Box 1 Folder 32

Wharves and Anchorages, undated

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Series 2: United States Naval Academy - Practice Ships, 1860-1934

Series Description

Black-and-white photographs and magazine clippings depicting the Naval Academy's various training ships from the Academy's founding through the early 20th century. Featured in an exhibit entitled "U.S. Naval Academy Practice Ships of Bygone Days: Era of Sail and "Square Rigger" at N.A. 1845-1912, Collected over a period of years by P. H. Magruder, Secretary, N.A.," the photographs are accompanied by a title card bearing the exhibit's title, as well as an index. Also included in the series are photographs of Oliver Hazard Perry's "Don't Give Up the Ship" flag and a copy of Magruder's article "Naval Academy Practice Ships."

Series Arrangement

Arranged according to an index provided by the donor.

Box 1 Folder 33

Index, undated

Includes an exhibit title card.

Box 1 Folder 34

"Naval Academy Practice Ships" by P. H. Magruder, 1934

Naval Academy Practice Ships, 1860, undated

Box 1 Folder 35 Item 1
Don't Give Up the Ship flag, undated
Box 1 Folder 35 Item 2
Don't Give Up the Ship flag in Bancroft Hall, undated

"Midshipmen saluting Perry's Battle Flag in Memorial Hall."

Box 1 Folder 35 Item 3
U.S. Sloop of War Preble, undated

"First Naval Academy Practice Ship. Made summer practice cruises in 1851, '52, '53, '54, '56, '57, and '58. As far as known this is the only picture of the "Preble" known to be in existence."

Box 1 Folder 35 Item 4
U.S. Gunboat Marblehead, undated

"Made the summer practice cruise of 1864 in company with the Macedonian, Marion, and yacht America."

Box 1 Folder 35 Item 5
U.S. Frigate Constitution, 1860

"Third Naval Academy School and Practice Ship, 1860 to 1870. Moored at the first Naval Academy wharf 1860."

Box 1 Folder 35 Item 6
U.S. Sloops of War John Adams and Brandywine, undated

"The John Adams was the fourth Naval Academy Practice Ship, 1862. The Brandywine made the last cruise with midshipmen around the 'Horn' prior to the establishment of the Naval Academy. Only picture of these ships known to be in existence."

Box 1 Folder 35 Item 7
U.S. Sloop of War Savannah, undated

"Made the summer practice cruises of 1867, '68, '69, and '70."

Box 1 Folder 35 Item 8
U.S.S. Tallapoosa, undated

"Naval Academy practice ship, 1872."

Box 1 Folder 35 Item 9
U.S. Practice Ship Constellation, Tug Standish, undated

"Leaving Naval Academy for summer practice cruise. Tug Standish alongside. The Constellation made the summer practice cruises for a period of over twenty years."

Box 1 Folder 35 Item 10
U.S. Practice Ship Constellation, undated

Naval Academy Practice Ships, 1869-1874, undated

Box 1 Folder 36 Item 1
U.S. Practice Ship Jamestown, undated

"Made Naval Academy summer cruise 1886. At anchor New York harbor."

Box 1 Folder 36 Item 2
U.S.S. Bancroft, undated

"Naval Academy practice ship, 1894 to 1897."

Box 1 Folder 36 Item 3
U.S.S. Wyoming, undated

"Naval Academy drill ship, 1885 to 1891."

Box 1 Folder 36 Item 4
U.S.S. Wyoming, undated
Box 1 Folder 36 Item 5
Foot of Maryland Avenue, Amphitrite and Phlox, 1869

"Double turreted monitor Amphitrite (gunnery drill ship) in stream. Steam tender Phlox at wharf."

Box 1 Folder 36 Item 6
Naval Academy View, undated
Box 1 Folder 36 Item 7
Ships at the Naval Academy, 1870

"Double turreted monitor Amphitrite (gunnery ship) in stream, steam tender Phlox at wharf at left. Marion, Constitution, Savannah, Dale and Santee grouped at right."

Box 1 Folder 36 Item 8
Ships at the Naval Academy, 1874

"Monitor Lehigh in stream, steam practice ship Mayflower at left, steam tender Phlox at end of dock, practice ships Dale, Constellation and Santee at extreme right at Santee wharf."

Box 1 Folder 36 Item 9
The Beginnings of Submarine Warfare, undated
Box 1 Folder 36 Item 10
U.S.S. Constitution, undated

Naval Academy Practice Ships, 1869-1911, undated

Box 1 Folder 37 Item 1
U.S. Practice Ship Constellation, 1889

"Off Naval Academy 1889."

Box 1 Folder 37 Item 2
Unidentified Ship, undated
Box 1 Folder 37 Item 3
Yacht Robert Center, undated
Box 1 Folder 37 Item 4
U.S.S. Passaic, undated
Box 1 Folder 37 Item 5
U.S.S. Reina Mercedes, 1901

"As she appeared in 1900, the reconditioned after being sunk and captured. Has been station ship at the Naval Academy since 1912."

Box 1 Folder 37 Item 6
U.S. Torpedo Boat Manly, undated

"(ex Yarrow) Attached to the Naval Academy 1899 to 1912."

Box 1 Folder 37 Item 7
Group of Naval Academy Practice Ships, Santee Wharf, 1869

"Santee, Marion, Dale, Macedonian, Savannah, and Constitution left foreground."

Box 1 Folder 37 Item 8
U.S.S. Sandoval, undated

"Captured Spanish gunboat. Naval Academy drill ship, 1901 - 1906."

Box 1 Folder 37 Item 9
U.S. Brig Boxer, undated

"Naval Academy practice ship for Saturday drills from 1903 to 1907."

Box 1 Folder 37 Item 10
Practice Ship Hartford, 1911

"Off Santee Wharf 1911."

Naval Academy Practice Ships, 1861-1931, undated

Box 1 Folder 38 Item 1
U.S. Torpedo Boat Talbot, undated

"Attached to the Naval Academy, 1900 to 1904, for training purposes."

Box 1 Folder 38 Item 2
U.S.S. Baltic, 1861

"(Formerly one of the famous Collins Liners, 1861) Transported Officers, Professors, Civil Personnel and their families from Naval Academy to Newport."

Box 1 Folder 38 Item 3
C.S.S. Shenandoah, 1881

"James I Waddell, C.S.N., Commanding."

Box 1 Folder 38 Item 4
U.S.S. Constitution, undated

"Under sail, her last cruise in commission from Philadelphia to Norfolk, Virginia. Picture taken at Fortress Monroe, Virginia by Private Hedrickeson, Battery A, 3rd Regiment, N.Y. Artillery."

Box 1 Folder 38 Item 5
U.S.S. Constitution, undated
Box 1 Folder 38 Item 6
U.S.S. Constitution, 1931

"U.S. Frigate Constitution, U.S. Naval Academy, Annapolis, Maryland, November 3/31. Louis J. Gulliver Commanding."

Box 1 Folder 38 Item 7
The Saluting Battery, undated

Naval Academy Practice Ships, 1882-1911

Box 1 Folder 39 Item 1
U.S.S. Hartford, 1911

"The Hartford, a steam sloop of war, was Farragut's flagship at New Orleans and Mobile Bay. She relieved the Santee as station ship at the Naval Academy and, in turn, was replaced by the Reina Mercedes."

Box 1 Folder 39 Item 2
U.S.S. Olympia, undated

"The Olympia, a cruiser, was Dewey's flagship at the Battle of Manila Bay. She was attached to the Naval Academy from 1907-11. She made the summer cruises and was the drill ship that period."

Box 1 Folder 39 Item 3
U.S.S. Essex, undated

"Naval Academy Drill Ship, 1893-1894."

Box 1 Folder 39 Item 4
U.S.S. Monongahela, undated

"Naval Academy Practice Ship 1894-1897 and 1899."

Box 1 Folder 39 Item 5
U.S.S. Annapolis, undated

"Naval Academy Practice Cruise Ship in 1899. Her sister-ship, the Newport, made the cruise in 1900."

Box 1 Folder 39 Item 6
U.S.S. Chesapeake, undated

"Naval Academy Practice Ship, 1900-1904. Renamed the Severn, she made the cruises in 1905-07. She was a drill ship until 1910."

Box 1 Folder 39 Item 7
U.S.S. Chicago, undated

"This cruiser was the practice and cruise ship during 1909-10."

Box 1 Folder 39 Item 8
U.S.S. Newark, undated

"Naval Academy Practice Cruise Ship, 1905-06."

Box 1 Folder 39 Item 9
U.S.S. Bancroft, 1894

"Naval Academy Practice Ship, at Santee Wharf, 1894."

Box 1 Folder 39 Item 10
U.S.S. Enterprise, undated

"Naval Academy Drill Ship, 1891-1892."

Box 1 Folder 39 Item 11
U.S.S. Wyoming, undated

"Naval Academy Drill Ship, 1885-1891."

Box 1 Folder 39 Item 12
U.S.S. Constellation, undated
Box 1 Folder 39 Item 13
U.S. Sloop of War Dale, 1882

"At the Naval Academy Dock, 1882."

Box 1 Folder 39 Item 14
Cruiser Baltimore, undated
Box 1 Folder 39 Item 15
Cruiser Philadelphia, undated
Box 1 Folder 39 Item 16
Battleship Iowa, undated
Box 1 Folder 39 Item 17
Cruiser Marblehead, undated
Box 1 Folder 39 Item 18
Cruiser Montgomery, undated
Box 1 Folder 39 Item 19
Cruiser Chicago, undated
Box 1 Folder 39 Item 20
Cruiser Raleigh, undated
Box 1 Folder 39 Item 21
Cruiser San Francisco, undated
Box 1 Folder 39 Item 22
Cruiser Newark, undated

Naval Academy Practice Ships, undated

Box 1 Folder 40 Item 1
Cruiser Cincinnati, Cruiser Charleston, undated
Box 1 Folder 40 Item 2
Cruiser Brooklyn, Cruiser New York, undated
Box 1 Folder 40 Item 3
Monitor Terror, Monitor Miantonomoh, undated
Box 1 Folder 40 Item 4
Cruiser Atlanta, Cruiser Boston, undated
Box 1 Folder 40 Item 5
Cruiser Columbia, Cruiser Minneapolis, undated
Box 1 Folder 40 Item 6
Battleship Massachusetts, Battleship Indiana, undated
Box 1 Folder 40 Item 7
Monitor Puritan, Battleship Texas, undated
Box 1 Folder 40 Item 8
Gunboat Yorktown, Gunboat Concord, undated
Box 1 Folder 40 Item 9
Torpedo Boats Porter, Ericsson, and Cushing; Battleship Maine, undated
Box 1 Folder 40 Item 10
Gunboat Annapolis, Gun Vessel Vesuvius, undated
Box 1 Folder 40 Item 11
Despatch Boat Dolphin, Ram Katahdin, undated
Box 1 Folder 40 Item 12
Unidentified Ship, undated
Box 1 Folder 40 Item 13
English Channel, undated

"Airplane of the Paris-London service flying over channel, passes a four master."

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