The Midshipman Action Group (MAG)
The Midshipman Action Group (MAG)
Harvest the Hungry More than 60,000 pounds of food collected for the Anne Arundel County Food and Resource Bank during the 2014 Harvest for the Hungry Food and Funds Drive.
MAG Pacific Crest Trail MAG in San Diego provided trail maintenance on the Pacific Crest Trail.
MAG Tucson MAG Spring Break activities in Tucson, Arizona with the Tucson Boys and Girls Clubs
Commemorative Day of Service 9/11 Commemorative Day of Service Midshipmen from plebes to the Brigade Commander come out in force to service our historical sites.

Established in 1992 as a community relations program for and by the Brigade of Midshipmen, MAG currently offers a variety of educational, environmental and social service volunteer projects in coordination with community partners from the Annapolis, Baltimore and Washington D.C. areas, as well as regional and national partners.  MAG prepares midshipmen for future service by encouraging peer leadership, teamwork, character development, morale, selflessness and goodwill towards others.

Anyone can lend a hand! If you have any interest in participating in a project just contact your company rep. or the project leader. Interested in starting a project that doesn't exist at the Academy yet? Just contact your company rep. and let them know that you would like to start something new. Find information in our intranet page. 


Below is a list of some the projects we work on. Find more in our projects page.