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Catholic Midshipmen Club

Catholic Midshipmen Club

Catholic Midshipmen Club photo

Catholic Midshipmen Club

The Catholic Midshipmen Club is a group of midshipmen who are passionate about growing and living out their Catholic faith.  We also welcome all who are interested in Catholic faith, culture, and history.  The Catholic Midshipmen Club meets on Tuesday nights from 1900 to 2000 in the Wes B Classroom.

Weekly Meetings: 1900-2000, Wesley Brown Classroom (2nd Deck)

Daily Mass: 1250, St. Andrew's Chapel (Below Main Chapel), Mon-Fri 

Sunday Mass: 0900 (Main Chapel), 1900 (Laboon Center) 

Adoration: 0730-0830, Rotunda Chapel, Mon-Fri 

Rosary: 2130, Rotunda Chapel, Sun-Fri 

Confession: Before 0900 & 1900 Mass on Sun, 1800-1900 in Wes B Conference Room on Tues, or email Fr. Dwyer anytime to set up an appointment 

Bible Studies: Email for information about joining a study!