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Ultimate Frisbee Team

Ultimate Frisbee Team


Ultimate Frisbee Team

Navy Ultimate is USNA’s official ultimate Frisbee team. We participate in the ​sanctioned ​ USAU College Championship Series, with additional t ournaments ​during  both fall and spring. ​Previous ​MOs ​ included the following locations​, most with Friday afternoon departures​ :  

​- Charlottesville, VA
- Elon, NC
​- Richmond, VA
- Davidsonville, SC
- ​Fairfax, VA
​- Atlantic City, NJ​
​- York, PA​

​We welcome players of all experience levels , with specific focus on creating a positive environment that enables team building and personal growth. Our team practices  Monday - Thursday  from 1600-1800 on Hospital Point, closest to the footbridge. This involves intramural exemption to support our tournament preparation, so if you're looking for something other than company sports, consider ultimate frisbee. Feel free to look us up on Facebook  ​or Twitter  and if you are interested in joining, please contact the team leadership.
Also, check out our highlight reel from the fall tournament season: