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Boathouse Bonding-Competition in the Tradition of Hubbard Hall

  POSTED ON: Saturday, October 18, 2014 8:00 AM by MIDN 1/C Molly Hanna

Since the start of their respective fall seasons, the Men’s Heavyweight, Lightweight, and the Women’s Crew teams have participated in a “Boathouse Regatta,” in addition to their normal Saturday morning practices in order to prepare for fall season head races and foster some friendly competition within Hubbard Hall.

The regatta is roughly 4,000 meters and starts in ‘2-mile’ creek, ending just before the Severn River bridge. The race is set up so that each crew starts a few seconds after the next, staggered so that there is a fair spacing between the crews and to avoid any potential issues that could arise with the seventeen boats in participation.

The results are based off a weighted system that compares each crew to their respective standard in order to make for clearer, measurable results. "The weekly boathouse race creates a fun, competitive atmosphere in the boathouse that helps us fine tune our race mindset in practice” says the women’s team Captain, Midshipman 1/C Brooke Mackno.

However, despite the outcome of the racing at the end of the morning, one thing is for sure: the three teams are inevitably brought closer together through the race’s competitive nature and the fusion of what roughly seventeen crews have in common: love of the sport.

It is these early mornings on the Severn River where hard work and tradition collide. “The Armada,” as some rowers affectionately refer to the fleet of boats racing back to Hubbard Hall, signifies a tradition dating back to the start of rowing at USNA to the many years of hard work and dedication on the Severn to come.

Midshipman Mackno expressed her hopes for the upcoming season, stating, “with our first race this weekend and a season full of competitive regattas ahead of us, we look forward to seeing how the boathouse races will continue to prepare us for each of these challenges."

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