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Plebes Near Completion of Summer Training

  POSTED ON: Monday, August 10, 2015 4:25 PM by Naval

The plebes of the Class of 2019 are nearing the end of their six-week, boot camp-style training program, Plebe Summer.

Plebe Summer, which began July 1 on Induction Day, is designed to provide incoming students with a basic understanding of the military knowledge and values necessary to join the Brigade of Midshipmen and eventually become successful military leaders in the Navy and Marine Corps.

“Plebe Summer is the military introduction for the plebe class entering the Naval Academy,” said Cmdr. Mike Murnane, Plebe Summer assistant officer in charge. “We bring them in through this program to lay down the foundation for the future identity of the Navy and Marine Corps.”

During the six weeks, the plebes are led and trained by upperclass midshipmen, called detailers. Instruction includes seamanship, boat handling, navigation and small arms training.

“I’m really glad that my time at the academy has come full circle, starting as a plebe and then coming back as a detailer,” said Midshipman 1st Class Alex Mcintosh, Charlie Company detailer. “Peer leadership is something that has been really challenging but so rewarding. Having the opportunity to instill many of the lessons that I have learned over the years here makes it all worthwhile.”

A typical day during Plebe Summer starts at dawn with mandatory physical training. The remainder of each day is packed with drills and instruction on the military lifestyle and more physical training. The challenging activities are designed to prepare them for the moral, mental, and physical rigors of the academy.

“Plebe Summer lays the foundation for the midshipmen’s entire experience here at the Academy through the three prime missions: developing them morally, mentally, and physically,” said Murnane. “The academy is a 47-month experience, and at the end of that time we want them to be prepared to handle any and all problems that they may face as a junior officer. This program sets the tone for that preparation and the types of officers that they will become.”

Upon completion of Plebe Summer, the new class will join the Brigade of Midshipmen during a formal parade scheduled for Aug. 20.

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