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#021-16 Naval Academy Dedication Parade Honors Faculty

  POSTED ON: Monday, April 25, 2016 3:10 PM by

NOTE TO EDITORS, REPORTERS AND PHOTOGRAPHERS: If you plan to cover this event, please contact the U.S. Naval Academy Public Affairs Office by noon Friday, April 29.

ANNAPOLIS, Md. – Distinguished members of the Naval Academy faculty will be honored at the annual Dedication Parade, Friday, April 29, at 4 p.m. on Worden Field. The parade is free and open to the public.

The Dedication Parade honors academy faculty who are retiring, completing 20 or more years of service, have been selected as Emeritus Faculty, or are recipients of awards.

Senator Barbara Mikulski, Naval Academy Superintendent Vice Adm. Walter E. “Ted” Carter, and Marine Corps Col. Stephen Liszewski, Naval Academy commandant will review the parade.

The faculty members who will be recognized are listed below:

Retiring Faculty:
Professor James M. D’Archangelo, Mathematics
Professor Nancy W. Ellenberger, History
Professor Shoichi Fukushima, Physical Education
Professor Anthony M. Gaglione, Mathematics
Professor Rae Jean B. Goodman, Economics
Professor Sylvain Guarda, Languages and Cultures
Professor Charles C. Hanna, Mathematics
Professor Daniel M. Masterson, History
Professor Peter McCoy, Mathematics
Professor Martin E. Nelson, Mathematics
Professor Michael W. Schofield, Physical Education
Professor Gregory J. White, Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering

Newly Designated Emeritus Faculty:
Professor Craig K. Bailey, Mathematics
Professor Francis David Correll, Physics
Professor Fred M. Fetrow, English
Professor John M. Hill, English
Professor Mark E. Kidwell, Mathematics
Professor Elizabeth M. Knutson, Languages and Cultures
Professor Gladys Mary Rivera-La Scala, Languages and Cultures

Service Awards:

Meritorious Civilian Service:
Associate Professor John A. Beckman, English
Associate Professor Christy L. Stanlake, English
Associate Professor Thomas J. Shaffer, English
Associate Professor T.S. Michael, Mathematics
Associate Professor Shirley Lin, Chemistry
Professor Jeffrey R. Vanhoy, Physics
Associate Professor David W. Fredriksson, Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering
Professor Mark L. Elert, Chemistry
Professor Ralph J. Volino, Mechanical Engineering
Lawrence E. Clemens, Director, MSC and Library Collections
Julia Beth Grim, International Programs Office
Claude G. Berube, Director Museum
Katherine A. Cermak, Associate Dean Planning and Assessment
Associate Professor Patrick A. Caton, Mechanical Engineering
Professor Christine L. Cooper, Chemistry

Twenty-Year Service Awards:
Associate Professor Ronald B. Jenkins, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Professor Kiriakos Kiriakidis, Weapons and Systems Engineering
Professor Judithann R. Hartman, Chemistry
Associate Professor Chie Matsuzawa, Languages and Cultures

Forty-year Service Award:
Professor Robert H. Mayer, Jr., Engineering and Weapons
Professor Frederick S. Harrod, History

Fifty-five Year Service Award:
Professor Edwin L. Zivi, Jr., Engineering and Weapons

Excellence Awards:

The Class of 1951 Civilian Faculty Teaching Excellence Award (In honor of Professor Theodore J. Benac):
Associate Professor Patrick A. Caton, Mechanical Engineering
Professor Christine L. Copper, Chemistry

The Class of 1951 Military Faculty Teaching Excellence Award and the William P. Clements Award for Excellence in Education:
Commander Kimberly A. Himmer, English
Commander Davin J. O'Hora, History

The Apgar Award for Excellence in Teaching:
Assistant Professor Daniel S. Roche, Computer Science

The Class of 1951 Civilian Faculty Research Excellence Award:
Associate Professor David W. Fredriksson, Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering

The Superintendent's Civilian Faculty Service Excellence Award:
Professor Mark L. Elert, Chemistry

Superintendent's Distinguished Athletic Leadership Award for Coaching/Teaching Excellence:
Professor Karen R. Boyle, Physical Education

Colleen S. Smiley-Owendoff Teaching Excellence Award:
Commander Alessandro Rinaldi, ITN, Seamanship and Navigation

Capt. Frank M. Adams Junior Officer Leadership Award:
Lieutenant Ann M. Rahall, USN, 24th Company Officer

Raouf Ali Raouf Faculty Award for Excellence in Teaching Engineering:
Professor Mark M. Murray, Mechanical Engineering

Kinnear Fellows:
Professor Craig M. Whitaker, Chemistry
Associate Professor Jeffrey A. Larsen, Physics

Adm. Jay L. Johnson Professorship for Leadership and Ethics:
Professor Robert J. Niewoehner, Aerospace Engineering
Associate Professor Aaron B. O'Connell, History
Ken Reightler, Aerospace Engineering
Visiting Professor Allison Webster-Giddings, Weapons and Systems Engineering

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