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Brigade Boxing Champion Sophie Lekas

  POSTED ON: Wednesday, March 4, 2020 12:04 PM by MC2 Dana Legg

From Chicago Illinois, 1/C Sophie Lekas is an Aerospace Engineering Major at USNA.

She is also involved with the Baptist Collegiate Ministry and a Sexual Assault Prevention and Response guide. In her free time, 1/C Lekas enjoys playing the violin. 1/C Lekas has early-selected Submarines as her warfare community and is looking forward to joining the fleet next year! Lekas is a member of the USNA Boxing Team, which took home the women's national title last year.

This month, 1/C Lekas became the first female recipient of the "Tony-Rubino Four-Time Brigade Champion Award." She is only the 21st recipient of the award in program history.

Watch 1/C Lekas discuss her history-making win at


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