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Featured Firstie

  POSTED ON: Friday, February 28, 2020 8:57 AM by

We are getting ready for Brigade Boxing Championships tonight by featuring a boxer for this week's Featured Firstie.

This week's Featured Firstie is Midshipman 1st class Jacob Clary from Shelby, N.C. He has been boxing since plebe year and is going for his fourth win in a row as brigade champion - a feat very few have completed. He couldn’t be more ready or excited about the Brigade Boxing Championships!

In MIDN Clary's free time he really enjoys hanging out with family and friends and also loves a good practical joke. He is a quantitative economics major and recently service selected Marine Corps Ground and will be headed to TBS in September.

He also wants to give a shout out Dave Forney. "I’m gonna miss you big guy, love you."

See 1st Class Clary's feature on Facebook.