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Featured Firstie

  POSTED ON: Friday, April 24, 2020 9:28 AM by

This week’s Featured Firstie is Midshipman 1st class Clayton Pelzer!

Clayton hails from Shorewood, Illinois, and is a member of the 11th company. He is a mechanical engineer and naval aviation select who will be attending graduate school at UC Berkeley prior to reporting to flight school. He also had the opportunity to intern with General Electric and spent most of his senior year in the Rickover basements working on his Trident project, “The Effects of Accelerating Flow on Film Cooling in Gas Turbine Engines.”

Outside of academics, Clayton was an active participant in Officers’ Christian Fellowship (OCF) and was a starter on the Men’s Club Volleyball team. In his company, he had the opportunity to serve as both a squad leader and platoon commander. Some of his favorite memories come from his time studying abroad in Accra, Ghana, where he made friends and gained lasting friendships. In his free time, Clayton can be found at the local disc golf course practicing his putting or searching for lost discs.

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