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  POSTED ON: Thursday, September 10, 2020 3:20 PM by USNA Admissions

The following correspondence from U.S. Naval Academy Dean of Admissions Bruce Latta has been provided to all Class of 2025 candidates and prospective candidates:

At the United States Naval Academy, we are aware of the barriers caused by COVID-19 and likewise the disruptions for students who plan to apply for admission. Therefore, for students applying for admission to the Class of 2025, the Office of Admissions will follow a “test flexible” policy, and we will review applications with or without standardized test scores. Students who have attempted and have not been able to take college entrance examinations (i.e. SAT or ACT) due to cancellation, unavailability, other extenuating circumstance, or who have taken a test and are seeking an opportunity to retake will not be disqualified from consideration.  If you are seeking consideration for admission without college entrance examinations, we will ask you to provide supporting information concerning test availability, cancellation, etc. The USNA Admissions Board remains committed to a process which has proven to be a fair assessment of the “whole student”, where academic rigor, life experiences, unique circumstances, volunteer work, and leadership ability and attributes will continue to be evaluated.

Please note, we are extending our deadline for students to complete their applications from January 31, 2021 to February 28, 2021. Additionally, as you may have read in previous correspondences, we are fully aware that, with schools shifting to virtual learning, many students will have pass/fail grades in their courses on their transcripts for last spring semester and this fall semester. Equally important, many have been unable to participate in both non-athletic and athletic activities. In this case, we are asking students to include those activities that they would have participated in during the spring semester as well as senior year in their application and to make comments as to how COVID-19 has impacted participation. Our Admissions Board is made up of faculty and staff who have many years of experience working with students in a variety of capacities, and who are trained to evaluate student records and demonstrated drive and commitment, even in unprecedented times. 

The United States Naval Academy Office of Admissions staff is standing by ready assist you during this admissions cycle. 

If you have any general admissions questions feel free to write us at or call 410-293-1858.


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