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Thanksgiving Update

  POSTED ON: Friday, November 20, 2020 3:14 PM by

A message from VADM Buck regarding Thanksgiving Liberty:

Unfortunately, due to COVID numbers trending in the wrong direction, locally and nationally, and to ensure a healthy Brigade is able to successfully complete the fall semester and depart for winter break on 13 December; the decision has been made to conduct yard liberty for the Thanksgiving holiday and weekend.

In addition to Yard liberty for the Midshipmen, increased access controls will be put in place to ensure only mission essential personnel or those that live on the Yard access the Academy through the Thanksgiving holiday and the following weekend.  Gate 1 will be closed to vehicular traffic and Gate 3 will have limited hours and only be for Midshipmen residing at St. John's College and residents that live on the Yard.  Gate 8 will be the only vehicle access point and only mission essential personnel and those that live on the Yard will be permitted access.

The Gate 1 parking turnaround will remain available as a drop off point, but similar to an airport loading zone no extended stopping/standing will be permitted and ONLY Midshipmen will be momentarily allowed through the turnstiles.

The primary access point for the Naval Academy will be through Gate 8 and for mission essential personnel and Yard residents only.

Mission essential personnel are those that are required and employed to support the health, welfare, safety, academics, and daily operations of the Brigade.  Mission essential personnel and residents that live on the Yard should ensure their individual and vehicle credentials are up to date.