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80th Annual Brigade Boxing Championships - Results

  POSTED ON: Monday, May 3, 2021 3:30 PM by

The Naval Academy's 80th Annual Brigade Boxing Championship were held Friday, April 30, in Alumni Hall at 7 p.m. 

Midshipman 1st Class (senior) Kendall Louis and Midshipman 1st Class (senior) Jeanette Steerman both competed to win the “Tony Rubino Four-Time Brigade Champion Award.” Named after former Navy Boxing Coach Tony Rubino, this award is given to midshipmen who have won all four of their Brigade Boxing Championships.

1st Class Steerman beat 2nd Class JC Currie to become the second female midshipman to win the award in Navy Boxing history. She joins an elite group of just 22 previous recipients since 1970.

Women’s bouts

  • 119 lbs  1st Class Olivia DiCarlo vs 4th Class Tori Bravo
  • 125 lbs – 4th Class Kaylah Gillums vs 3rd Class Ayanna McLaughlin
  • 132 lbs– 1st Class Jill Pashneh-Tala vs 2nd Class Elizabeth Grimmig
  • 139 lbs– 1st Class Lisa Kilmer vs 3rd Class Jasmine Brown
  • 147 lbs – 4th Class Cecilia Wheeler vs 3rd Class Abby Pidgeon
  • 156 lbs – 1st Class Jeannette Steerman vs 2nd Class JC Currie
  • 165 lbs – 3rd Class Jordan Barnhart vs 4th Class Kacey Brennan

Men’s bouts

  • 132 lbs – 2nd Class Brandon Volontiya, Jr. vs 3rd Class Chris Eguchi 
  • 139 lbs – 2nd Class Adrian Johnson vs 2nd Class Matthew Morales
  • 147 lbs – 3rd Class Aidan McNally vs 2nd Class Sam Gdowski 
  • 156 lbs  1st Class Jack Jeon vs 1st Class Kendall Louis
  • 165 lbs  4th Class Armando Chung vs 4th Class Kenny Wilkerson
  • 175 lbs – 3rd Class Michael Stegeman vs 4th Class Langston Greer 
  • 185 lbs  2nd Class Francois Benoit vs 4th Class Jake Jones
  • 195 lbs – 2nd Class Vinny Motzel vs 4th Class Joshua Montellano
  • HWT – 3rd Class Antonius Wells vs 2nd Class Riley Smith

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