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Midshipmen on Summer Training Complete Navy's SCUBA Dive School Program

  POSTED ON: Wednesday, August 18, 2021 8:36 AM by

On August 17th, seven first class midshipmen completed the U.S. Navy's SCUBA Dive School program for summer training. 

One, 1/C Steadman Harrison, graduated at the top of his class as the Honor Graduate and another, 1/C Maddie Williams, received the Hooyah award for spreading the most motivation among her classmates.  

The SCUBA course is a rigorous 35 day training program run by Naval Diving and Salvage Training Center (NDSTC) in Panama City Beach Florida.  This course provides graduates with the skills and qualification necessary to fill vital SCUBA diving billets on operational submarines.  As future Submarine Officers who are now SCUBA qualified, all seven of these warriors of the deep can expect to be charged with running all diving operations on their submarine, to include planning and conducting emergent inspections, basic underwater repairs, and security dives in ports all across the globe.  

1.  Harrison Helmich 2. Ben Stanish 3. Maddie Williams 4. Steadman Harrison 5. Grace Westerhoff 6. Jacob Barberio  7. Isaac Thompson
From left to right: 1/C Harrison Helmich, 1/C Ben Stanish, 1/C Maddie Williams (Hooyah Award), 1/C Steadman Harrison (Honor Graduate), 1/C Grace Westerhoff, 1/C Jacob Barberio, 1/C Isaac Thompson 

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