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Featured Firstie: 1/C Kip Frankland

  POSTED ON: Friday, September 2, 2022 11:48 AM by

In honor of College Colors Day and tomorrow’s home football opener, today’s Firstie Friday is this year’s Captain of Captains, MIDN 1/C Kip Frankland.


Frankland is from Memphis, TN and has two younger siblings. He chose to come to the Naval Academy so he could accomplish both of his dreams simultaneously: “to serve our great nation and play Division I Football.”

Frankland is pushed daily by Navy Football Coach Ashley Ingram, who is also his leadership inspiration. Frankland has learned from Coach Ingram that “life is hard, and you have two paths to take: you can lay down or take it, or get up and do something about it.”

football team

In addition to being a captain of the Naval Academy Football Team, Frankland was voted to lead all 37 varsity team captains on the Yard, aka the Captain of Captains. As the Athletic Teams’ Commander, he is responsible for setting and maintaining the highest professional standards for all athletic teams and acts as a representative for the varsity captains within Brigade Staff.

Frankland’s favorite memory while at USNA was beating Army 17-13 last season. In the Class of 2023’s final year at the Academy, Frankland wants to bring back the Commander-in-Chief's Trophy. Navy Football will face Delaware at home tomorrow at 12:00pm.


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