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Featured Firstie: 1/C Jordan Richard

  POSTED ON: Friday, February 3, 2023 8:22 AM by

Today’s Firstie Friday is Midshipman 1/C (senior) Jordan Richard from Marietta, Georgia. Richard is an outstanding member of 29th Company, as well as the president of the Midshipman Black Studies Club and a captain of the Sprint Football Team. 


Richard is an active member of the Gospel Choir, Midshipman Action Group (MAG), and Latin American Studies Club. In his remaining time as a firstie, he looks forward to “embracing most of our class’ time during our last semester on the yard, cherishing the memories and valuable times with the people around me.”

Coming from a large military family, his call to service is what drew him to the Naval Academy. His father is one of 13 kids, all eight brothers serving on the enlisted side of the military. Richard will be the first officer in his family upon commissioning in May. His grandmother shaped his leadership outlook with the quote: “Once a task has begun, do not quit until it's done, no matter the task big or small, finish right or don't finish at all.” 

friends with class rings

Richard’s favorite memory as a Midshipman was the Army-Navy Game his plebe year: “We stormed the football field, and I remember being picked up by a random Navy lineman and jumping in excitement with a former Commandant of Midshipmen following the finishing minute of the game.”

Richard will commission into the Marine Corps as a pilot in May 2023.


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