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Gate Hour Adjustments Due to Annapolis Boat Shows

  POSTED ON: Wednesday, September 27, 2023 8:01 AM by

Below are adjustments to Naval Academy gate access during the upcoming Annapolis Powerboat & Sailboat Shows in order to alleviate overcrowding in the city.

USNA Gate shift dates: 

  • 10/7/2023 (Saturday) 
  • 10/8/2023 (Sunday)
  • 10/14/2023 (Saturday) 
  • 10/15/2023 (Sunday)

Gate 1:

  • Vehicle entry: Closed for vehicle entry all day. Resume regular hours on Monday (0600-1800) after each weekend.
  • Pedestrian entry:
    • Visitor Access Center (VAC) – Open for pedestrian access with regular hours (Saturday: 0500-0200; Sunday: 0500-2359).
    • Turnstile - Credentialed Pedestrian Access (CAC, DOD, DOD Dependents, Retirees, Reservists) via turnstile 24 hours daily

Gate 3 (no change):

  • Vehicle entry: none; permanently closed to vehicle traffic
  • Pedestrian entry: Credentialed Pedestrian Access only via turnstile 24 hours daily

Gate 8 (no change):

  • Vehicle entry: 24 hours daily
  • Pedestrian entry: 24 hours daily

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