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U.S. Naval Academy Photo Lab, Annapolis

Hours of Operation


Office Hours:
Monday through Friday: 0800 to 1600.
Closed during lunch 1100-1200 M-F

*Head and shoulder (roster) portrait: (staff/faculty)
Monday from 0800 to 1430, by appointment.

*Full length photo and official Passport (service records/special applications)
Wednesday and Friday from 0800 to 1430, by appointment.

Social Distance Guidelines

  • Appointments will be scheduled every 30 minutes
  • We are closed between 1100-1200 
  • Social distancing practices will be in place (we will maintain a 6 foot distance
  • Photographers will be masked
  • Clients will be masked until taking photo 
  • Due to the current environment, we will not be able to make adjustments to your uniform.
  • Clients are requested to remain outside of Photo Studio spaces until the photographer invites you in
  • Clients are requested to arrive camera-ready, but if needing to change in single-occupancy restrooms, disinfecting of handles is requested. 

*Turnaround time is 7 business days.

Please contact the Photo-lab to schedule an appointment at 3-3572


Larson Hall
121 Blake Road
Basement Room 025

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