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Surface Warfare

Surface Warfare Officer - Accelerated Warfighter

SWO - Accelerated Warfighter

  • Builds on strong efforts to date by NSMWDC to grow WTIs
  • WTI development reinforced with positive language in admin boards (now) and statutory board community briefs (now) New: Drives investment in tactical expertise early... Warfare BST... with a defined track for growing warfighters — ASW, SUW, IAMD, AMW
  • New: Empowers CO's to identify / invest in talent with a "Warfighting First" priority
  • New: Embraces and integrates Sailor 2025 initiatives to retain talent — Ex: FCC > IAMD WTI > Stanford Masters (not previously possible)
  • New: Expanded opportunity for career intermission (CIP) integrated
  • New: Well positioned to embrace changes to statutory promotion processes
  • New: Option to accelerate to Dept Head School for our very best  
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