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Douglas Vanderwerken
Math Notes
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Math Notes and Pen on Graph Paper
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Douglas Nielsen VanDerwerken, PhD

Assistant Professor
Mathematics Department

United States Naval Academy

Duke University, Durham, NC
     PhD in Statistical Science, 2015
          Dissertation: "Monitoring and Improving Markov Chain Monte Carlo Convergence by Partitioning"
          Advisor: Scott Schmidler 
Brigham Young University, Provo, UT
     MS in Statistics, 2011
          Master's Project: "Variable Selection and Parameter Estimation Using a Continuous and Differentiable
                                       Approximation to the L0 Penalty Function"
          Advisor: H. Dennis Tolley
     BS in Statistics, 2011

          Graduated summa cum laude

Contact information:     
     Phone: (410) 293 - 6780
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