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Douglas Vanderwerken

My statistical research concerns advances in Bayesian computation as well as applied projects from any discipline. In the past I have worked on applications of statistics/probability to defense, education, naval architecture, transportation, law, genetics, sports, and medicine. I am currently involved in projects on improving organ transplantation and detecting racial profiling. I like to work on several projects at once, because I have found that solutions to statistical problems from one subject area often translate very nicely to other subject areas. If you have ideas for collaboration, please contact me! 

Peer-Reviewed Articles (* indicates student co-author):

Ruth, D., Wood, N., and VanDerwerken, D. "Fully nonparametric survival analysis in the presence of
time-dependent covariates and dependent censoring." Journal of Applied Statistics, 2023, 50, 1215-1229.

Wood, N., VanDerwerken, D., Segev, D., and Gentry, S. "Logistical burden of offers and allocation ineffciency in circle-based liver allocation." Liver Transplantation, 2023, 29, 26-33.

Wood, N., VanDerwerken, D., King, E., Segev, D., and Gentry, S. "Life expectancy without a transplant
for status 1A liver transplant candidates." American Journal of Transplantation, 2022, 22, 274-278.

Wood, N., VanDerwerken, D., Segev, D., and Gentry, S. "Increased logistical burden in circle-based kidney
allocation." Transplantation, 2022, 106, 1885-1887.

VanDerwerken, D., Minut, A., and Millett, M. "Detecting Roadside Explosives from their Potassium-40 Signature: A Simulation Study." Journal of Radiation Effects, Research and Engineering (a classifed journal), 2022, Vol. 40, No. 1.

Wood, N., VanDerwerken, D., Segev, D., and Gentry, S. "Correcting the sex disparity in MELD-Na." American Journal of Transplantation, 2021, 21, 3296-3304.

Wood, N., Mogul, D., Perito, E., VanDerwerken D., Mazariegos, G., Hsu, E., Segev, D., and Gentry, S. "Liver simulated allocation model does not effectively predict organ offer decisions for pediatric liver transplant candidates." American Journal of Transplantation, 2021, 21, 3157-3162.

VanDerwerken, D., Wood, N., Gentry, S., and Segev, D. "The Precise Relationship Between MELD and Survival Without a Liver Transplant." Hepatology, 2021, 74, 950-960.

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Simmons*, S., McGuffey, E., and VanDerwerken, D. "A New Go-To Sampler for Bayesian Probit Regression." Involve, 2020, 13, 77-89.

VanDerwerken, D., Millett, M., and Whitlock, R. "Improved detection of a mobile radiological source by means of a temporal radiation profile." IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science, 2019, 66, 2080-2087.

VanDerwerken, D. "Slugging Percentage Is Not a Percentage---And Why That Matters." The American Statistician, 2019.

Perito, E., Mogul, D., VanDerwerken, D., Mazariegos, G., Bucuvalas, J., Book, L., Horslen, S., Kim, H., Miloh, T., Ng, V., Reyes, J., Rodriguez-Davalos, M., Valentino, P., Gentry, S., Hsu, E. "The impact of increased allocation priority for children awaiting liver transplant: A liver simulated allocation model (LSAM) analysis." Journal of Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition, 2019, 68, 472-479.

Rothert, J., VanDerwerken, D., and White*, E. "Socioeconomic factors and happiness: Evidence from
self-reported mental health data." Empricial Economics, 2019.

Judge, C. and VanDerwerken, D. "Comparison of Model-Scale and Full-Scale Planing Craft Accelerations
in Waves." Journal of Ship Production and Design, 2019, 35, 182-189.

VanDerwerken, D., Rothert, J., and Nguelifack, B. "Does the threat of suspension curb dangerous behavior in soccer? A case study from the Premier League." Journal of Sports Economics, 2018, 19, 759-785.

VanDerwerken, D. and Kenter, F. "A Generative Markov Model for Bowling Scores." Journal of Quantitative Analysis in Sport, 2018, 14, 213-226.

VanDerwerken, D., Millett, M., Wilson*, T., Avramov-Zamurovic, S., Nelson, M., Barron, K., and Leidig, C.  "Meteorologically Driven Neutron Background Prediction for Homeland Security." IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science, 2018, 65, 1187-1195.

VanDerwerken, D. and Judge, C. "Statistical analysis of vertical accelerations of planing craft: Common pitfalls and how to avoid them." Ocean Engineering, 2017, 139, 265-274. 

VanDerwerken, D. and Schmidler, S. "Monitoring Joint Convergence of MCMC Samplers." Journal of Computational and Graphical Statististics, 2017, 26, 558-568.

VanDerwerken, D. "Not every Gibbs sampler is a special case of the Metropolis--Hastings algorithm.Communications in Statistics -- Theory and Methods, 2017, 46, 10005-10009.

Bowles, R., Karikari I., VanDerwerken, D., Sinclair, M., Bell, R., Riebe, K. Huebner, J.,Kraus, V., Sempowski, G., and Setton, L. "In vivo luminescent imaging of NF-κB activity and NF-κB-related serum cytokine levels predict pain sensitivities in a rodent model of peripheral neuropathy." European Journal of Pain, 2016, 20, 365-376.

VanDerwerken, D. "Bayesian Assessment of Genetic Risk in Families with a Balanced Translocation." Journal of Genetic Counseling, 2015, 24, 541-547.

Whiting, E., Feinauer, E., and VanDerwerken, D. "Taking a closer look at Latino parents at one Spanish-English two-way immersion charter school." Journal of Multilingual and Multicultural Development, 2012, 33, 497-510.

Li D., Truong, T., Bills, T., Holt, B., VanDerwerken, D., Williams, J.R., Acharya, A., Robison, R., Tolley, H.D., and Lee, M. "GC/MS Method for Positive Detection of Bacillus anthracis Endospores." Analtyical Chemistry, 2012, 84, 1637-1644.

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Other Articles:

VanDerwerken, D., Rothert, J., and Nguelifack, B. "Does the threat of suspension curb dangerous behavior in soccer? A case study from the Premier League.", published 09 February 2017.

VanDerwerken, D. and Schmidler, S. "Parallel Markov Chain Monte Carlo." arXiv:1312.7479v1, 2013.

VanDerwerken, D. “What Petri dishes have to do with your research.” Significance, 2012, 3, 40-42.

VanDerwerken, D. “The next President: Will your vote decide it?” Significance, 2012, issue 5, 23-26.

VanDerwerken, D. “Proactive versus Reactive Truing: A Simulation Study on Locomotive Wheel Maintenance Practice.” GE Global Research Internal Report (Class 2), August 2012.

VanDerwerken, D. “Bootstrapped Confidence Bounds for the Cumulative Intensity Function of the Power Law Process with Time-Censored Data.” GE Global Research Internal Report (Class 2), August 2012.

VanDerwerken, D. “Assessing Dependencies Among Locomotive Subsystems.” GE Global Research Internal Report (Class 3), August 2011.

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