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Dr. Gina R. Henderson
Scenic lake and mountain photo


My primary research interests to date include: understanding the role of snow and ice in the hydrologic and global climate system, and the influence of these elements on atmospheric circulation and climate change. In this research, I have sought to understand the complex role of water in its frozen state, acting as frozen storage term in the hydrologic cycle, and its role as the most variable landcover type in both time and space.

Refereed Publications:

*indicates either a student first or co-author


  • Cohen, J., X. Zhang, J. Francis, T. Jung, R. Kwok, J. Overland, P. C. Tayler, S. Lee, F. Laliberte, S. Feldstein, W. Maslowski, G. Henderson, J. Stroeve, D. Coumou, D. Handorf, T. Semmler, T. Ballinger, M. Hell, M. Kretschmer, S. Vavrus, M. Wang, S. Wang, Y. Wu, T. Vihma, U. Bhatt, M. Ionita, H. Linderholm, I. Rigor, C. Routson, D. Singh, M. Wendisch, D. Smith, J. Screen, J. Yoon, Y. Peings, H. Chen, and R. Blackport, 2018: Arctic change and possible influence on mid-latitude climate and weather. US CLIVAR Report 2018-1, 41pp, doi:10.5065/D6TH8KGW.

  • Henderson, G.R., B. S. Barrett, A. Lois *, and H. Elsaawy *, 2018:  Time-lagged response of the Antarctic atmosphere to tropical MJO convectionMonthly Weather Review, doi:10.1175/MWR-D-17-0224.1.



  • Kluver, D., T. Mote, D.J. Leathers,  G.R. Henderson, W. Chan, D. A. Robinson, 2016: Creation and validation of a comprehensive 1 degree by 1 degree gridded North American dataset:  Snowfall.  Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology.  doi:


  • English, J.M., A.G. Gettleman, and G.R. Henderson, 2015: Arctic radiative fluxes: Present-day biases and future projections in CMIP5 models. Journal of Climate 28, 6019–6038.  doi:
  •   LaFleur*, D.M., B.S. Barrett, and G.R. Henderson, 2015: Some climatological aspects of the Madden-Julian Oscillation (MJO) as seen in the Real-Time Multivariate MJO (RMM) Index. Journal of Climate 28, 6039–6053.  doi:
  •  Barrett, B.S., G.R. Henderson, and J.S. Werling*, 2015: The Influence of the MJO on the Intraseasonal Variability of Northern Hemisphere Spring Snow Depth. Journal of Climate, 28, 7250–7262.  doi:
  •  Kriebel, D., J.D. Geiman and G.R. Henderson, 2015: Future Flood Frequency under Sea Level Rise scenarios. Journal of Coastal Research, 31(5), 1078-1083. doi:10.2112/JCOASTRES-D-13-00190.1


  • Henderson, G.R.; Barrett, B.S., LaFleur, D.M.*, 2014: Arctic sea ice and the Madden-Julian Oscillation (MJO). Climate Dynamics, 43, 2185-2196. doi:10.1007/s00382-013-2043-y.


  • Henderson, G.R., Leathers, D.J; Hanson, B., 2013: Circulation response to Eurasian versus North American anomalous snow scenarios in the Northern Hemisphere with an AGCM coupled to a slab ocean model. Journal of Climate, 26:5, 1502-1515. doi:10.1175/JCLI-D-11-00465.1

2010 and prior

  • Henderson, G.R. and Leathers, D.J., 2010: European snow cover extent variability and associations with atmospheric forcings. International Journal of Climatology, 30, 1440–1451, doi: 0.1002/joc.1990.
  •  Leathers, D.J., Malin, M.L., Kluver, D.B, Henderson, G.R. and Bogart, T.A., 2008: Hydroclimatic variability across the Susquehanna River Basin, USA, since the 17 th century, International Journal of Climatology, 28, 1615–1626, doi: 10.1002/joc.1668.

Other Publications:

  • Woods, J., G.R. Henderson, C. Geiger, I. Rigor, and T. DeLiberty, 2013: Spring Break on Ice: U.S. Naval Academy Polar Science Program Field Activities in Barrow, Alaska. ARCUS, Witness the Arctic, Fall Issue 3 .
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