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100 Objects, A History of the Navy
Splash of water and a space capsule
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A project about stories also has its own story, and this series is no exception. In 2011, Midshipman (now Ensign) Chris O’Keefe, Naval Academy Class of 2012, conceptualized the series after listening to the BBC’s own podcast series about the history of the world. For the past two years, he and cameraman / editor Matt McMahon filmed dozens of interviews and conducted research into the 100 objects presented in this series. Volunteers provided assistance and support in various ways, from Midshipmen helping with the early research, to the staff of the United States Naval Institute with technical support, and of course the assistance of the staffs of both the Naval Academy Museum and the Nimitz Special Collections and Archives. The final product helps link the tangible items located at the Naval Academy with the ethereal figures of the past, and in doing so tells the wonderfully fascinating history of our Navy.


Creator / Narrator: ENS Chris O’Keefe
Cameraman / Editor: Matt McMahon
Website & Logo: Katie Chrzanowski
Social Media Manager: Rod Doty

Special Thanks To:

The Naval Academy Museum and its staff, including:

Dr. Scott Harmon (retired)
LCDR Claude Berube, USNR
Jim Cheevers
Grant Walker
Rob Doane

Nimitz Special Collections and Archives

Dr. Jennifer Bryan

The U.S. Naval Institute

VADM Pete Daly, USN (Ret)
Tom Cutler
Mary Ripley
Christiaan Conover
Sam Lagrone
Scot Christenson

MSC and Its Staff

The many Naval Academy Midshipmen who participated in this project in brainstorming and researching.

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