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Command Guidelines Concerning Pregnancy & Parenthood
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Pregnancy and Parenthood at USNA

Navigating a family with a career can be challenging. We understand this! The USNA CAPP Program (Command Advisor on Parenthood and Pregnancy) is dedicated to providing guidance and resources for our families at USNA, as well as the leadership across the Yard and NSA Annapolis. 

CAPP responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Ensure all members are aware of the resources and services available to them as they transition into parenthood
  • Serve as the main point of contact for any member, regardless of parenthood or pregnancy status, for questions or concerns regarding parenthood & pregnancy rights and services   
  • Ensure members are aware of and receive counseling services from professionals, as applicable, for each pregnancy and/or additional child
  • Keep command leaders informed of changes to the Navy's parenthood & pregnancy policies and programs

USNA Policy: USNAINST 6000.1


LT Taylor Alvarez, CAPP Officer in Charge,
MU1 Erika Loke, CAPP Leading Petty Officer,

Lactation Spaces across the Yard:

Carter 218
Nimitz 107A
Bancroft 1014
Luce 124E
Michelson 321
Hopper 321
Rickover 306
Chauvenet 344
Visitor Center (Coming Soon!)

If you need access to a lactation space, or want to help create a new location, please reach out to MU1 Loke at


Active Duty- Full-time care is available at the NSAA Child Development Centers (CDCs). Please apply as soon as care is anticipated, as the waitlist can be long. The priority system will ensure that dual military and military with a full time working spouse receive priority. Apply at

Childcare Options for Navy Civilian Employees- Click Here for Options

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