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Cyber-Physical Systems Lab

Cyber-Physical Systems Lab

The scientific, industrial, and military communities, including the US Navy, have recognized the importance of developing secured Cyber-Physical Systems (CPSs). Colloquially, the term CPSs refers to systems that tightly integrate computing, communication, and control technologies to regulate the performance of a physical entity. These systems are becoming increasing popular as new technologies continue to evolve. Examples of CPSs include marine vessels, submarines, unmanned vehicles, water plants, power grids, and smart buildings. Failure to protect these systems against inherent communication and control issues (e.g., network congestion and real-time computing constraints) as well as malicious acts (e.g., cyber attacks) can have catastrophic consequences.

The Cyber-Physical Systems Lab (CPSL) at USNA, located in Rickover Hall 021, was created to provide a collaborative environment where experts from different disciplines and backgrounds can create solutions that protect and enhance the nation’s cyber infrastructure.  The lab also serves as a teaching center for midshipmen interested in CPS technologies. We invite you to visit our projects and publication list for more information. If you have any question or inquiry, please, contact a faculty member from the people list.

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