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Cyber-Physical Systems Lab


Journal and Magazines:

T. Severson, B. Croteau, E. J. Rodríguez-Seda, K. Kiriakidis, R. Robucci, and C. Patel, “A Resilient Framework for Sensor-based Attacks on Cyber–Physical Systems Using Trust-based Consensus and Self-triggered Control,” Control Engineering Practice, vol. 101p. 104509, Aug. 2020.

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B. Connett and B. O'Halloran, "Modeling cyber conflict inform critical infrastructure defense," Mechanical Engineering, vol. 139, no. 3, pp. S9-S12, March 2017.

Conference Proceedings:

B. Croteau, R. Robucci, C. Patel, N. Banerjee, K. Kiriakidis, T. Severson, E. Rodríguez-Seda, “Alternative Actuation Paths for Ship Applications in the Presence of Cyber-Attacks,” in  Proc. Resilience Week, San Antonio, TX, Nov. 2019, pp. 91-97.

B. Connett and B. O'Halloran, "Systems Engineering Design: Architecting Trustworthiness in Cyber Physical Systems, " in Proc. Complex Adaptive Systems, Chicago, Illinois, Nov. 2018.

T. Severson, E. J. Rodríguez-Seda, K. Kiriakidis, B. Croteau, D. Krishnankutty, R. Robucci, C. Patel, and N. Banerjee, “Trust-Based Framework for Resilience to Sensor-Targeted Attacks in Cyber-Physical Systems,” in Proc. American Control Conference, Milwaukee, WI, June 2018, pp. 6499-6505.

B. Connett, "Systems Engineering Conceptual Design: Improving the Trustworthiness of Cyber Physical Systems Using Aggregated Modalities," in Doctoral Consortium of the The Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences, Jan. 2018. 

B. Croteau, D. Krishnankutty, K. Kiriakidis, R. Robucci, C. Patel, N. Barerjee, T. Severson, and E. J. Rodríguez-Seda, "Cross-level Detection of Sensor-based Deception Attacks on Cyber-Physical Systems," in Proc. IEEE Cyber, Waikiki Beach, Hawaii, July 2017, pp. 1037-1042.

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E. J. Rodríguez-Seda, Tracie Severson, and Kiriakos Kiriakidis, “Recovery after attacks of deception on Networked Control Systems,” in Proc. Resilience Week, Chicago, IL, Aug. 2016, pp. 109-114.

K. Kiriakidis, T. Severson, and B. Connett, “Detecting and isolating attacks of deception in networked control systems,” in Proc. IEEE International Conference on Autonomic Computing, Wurzburg, Germany, July 2016, pp. 269-274.

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