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Comptroller Department
Halligan Hall

Comptroller’s Travel Office

Please browse our website to find up-to-date travel information, reference guides, and points of contacts for all your travel needs.  Located in Halligan Hall, the travel office is open Monday through Friday from 7:00am to 3:30pm and can be reached via email at or by calling the main travel office number 410-293-1642 (Closed weekends and federal holidays). Please refer to the contact information below for specialized USNA Midshipmen (MIDN) travel programs:

Academic Dean (AcDean) Travel Points of Contact:
Summer Internship Program - Professor Shade; 410-293-2509.
International Programs Office  - Renee JamesGray; 410-293-2988
Admissions (AMISS) Travel Point of Contact:
Accessions (Plebes)  - Christie Munnelly; 410-293-1820
Commandant of Midshipmen (CMDT) Travel Points of Contact:
Jaclyn Medina; 410-293-8020
Chinsuk Chun; 410-293-8022 or 410-293-8023.


***All travelers must ensure you have official travel orders prior to departure.***
Per the DoDFMR Vol 9  080401. General. All claims must be submitted within 5 days of return to or arrival at the PDS. In the case of extended TDY, the traveler must submit a claim for each 30 day period. That claim must be submitted within 5 days after each 30 day period.

Travelers who encounter problems at the airport during normal business hours can reach CWTSATO at 1-800-235-9184.
**When requesting AMC flights, CTO needs a shell reservation in DTS created which includes dates for AMC flights.  Information will be forwarded to NAVPTO to confirm AMC schedules and times.  Once completed by NAVPTO, Navy Yard CTO will complete full itinerary for review and approval.** 

After normal business hours or for emergency travel within 24 hours please contact:
Navy Worldwide Helpdesk
1-800-359-9999 (from US)
1-210-877-3255 (from OCONUS call collect)

After normal business hours and for IBA card declines, Government Travel credit card customers must contact Citibank directly at 1-800-200-7056.


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