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Comptroller Department
Halligan Hall

Comptroller’s Travel Office

Welcome to the The USNA Travel Office!!!
(We offer ALL services electronically.)
The Comptroller's Travel Office is open Monday through Friday from 7:00am to 3:30pm (Closed weekends and holidays).  Contact us at the Defense Travel System (DTS) Help Desk email at, or by phone at 410-293-1642.

Defense Travel System (DTS) 

  • Defense Travel System (DTS)  -  Self Register in DTS ( Page 3)
  • If you are transferring from another Command contact your Department ODTA and provide your SSN.  Stephanie Carter, ODTA Academic Dean (AcDean) x33542, Shannon Coleman ODTA Admissions (AMISS) x31855 and  Chinsuk Chun, ODTA Commandant (CMDT includes MIDN) x38020 to receive and update your DTS profile. All other USNA Departments call the travel help desk at x31642.

Government Travel Charge Card (GOVCC - IBA) 


Officer Personnel Officer contact 410-293-1552.

Assistance is available at 121 Blake Road, Larson Hall, Rm 108.

Enlisted Personnel Officer contact 410-293-2384 or 410-293-2385.  

Assistance is available at Naval Station Annapolis, Building 15NS on Bennion Road. 
The building before the MWR and across the street from the CAC Card ID building.  

Household Goods POC 410-293-2286

Electronic Check-Out (click here)

Specialized USNA Midshipmen (MIDN) Travel Programs Points of Contact (POC)

Academic Dean (AcDean) Travel POCs:
Summer Internship Program - Professor Shade, 410-293-2509
International Programs Office  - Angela Yu, 410-293-2993
Stephanie Carter, DTS AcDean ODTA, 410-293-3542
LS1 Marvin Smith, Back-up AcDean ODTA, 410-293-3545
Vacant, AD Budget Officer
Rejuny Caswell, AD Budget Office Lead,; 410-293-3539
Effective June 5, 2023 Comptroller Travel Office Liaison - Marcus Fleming,, 410-293-1642
Admissions (AMISS) Travel POCs:
Accessions (Plebes)  - Melody Hwang, 410-293-1820
Shannon Coleman, DTS AMISS ODTA, 410-293-1855
Tyrone Haskins, AMISS Budget Officer,, 410-293-1884
Effective June 5, 2023 Comptroller Travel Office Liaison - Jennifer Radivo,, 410-293-1642
Commandant of Midshipmen (CMDT) Travel POCs:
Located in Bancroft Hall
CAPT Greta Densham, Summer Training Officer; 410-293-1907
MAJ Shane Reardon, Deputy Training Officer; 410-293-1901
Summer Training Travel Office, 410-293-8020, 8021, 8023,, 8024, 8025
Victoria Walker, CMDT CBA Specialist, 410-293-8021,8024, 8025
Chinsuk Chun, CMDT ODTA, 410-293-8020
Mack Elliott, CMDT Budget Officer,, 410-293-7016
Effective June 5, 2023 Comptroller Travel Office Liaison - Ashley Newman,, 410-293-1642

***All travelers must have official travel orders approved prior to departure.***

Per the DOD FMR Vol 9 080601. Temporary Duty (TDY) Claims: The traveler must submit all claims within five working days of return.. In cases of extended TDY (over 45 days), and reservists on Annual Training, Active Duty Training, or Inactive Duty Training that is known to be greater than 45 days, the traveler must submit a claim for each 30-day period. The traveler must submit the claim within five working days after each 30-day period.
When requesting AMC flights, CTO needs a shell reservation in DTS created which includes dates for AMC flights.  Information will be forwarded to NAVPTO to confirm AMC schedules and times.  Once completed by NAVPTO, Navy Yard CTO will complete full itinerary for review and approval.
For Travel Reservations and for Travelers who encounter problems at the airport during normal business hours contact  CWTSATO at 1-800-235-9184.

AFTER NORMAL BUSINESS HOURS or FOR EMERGENCY travel within 24 hours please contact the CWTSATO/TMC at 1-800-235-9184. Outside normal business hours, these calls will be answered by the TMCs emergency after hours support center. 1-210-877-3255 (from OCONUS call collect)

AFTER NORMAL BUSINESS HOURS and for IBA CARD DECLINES, Government Travel credit card customers must contact Citibank directly at 1-800-200-7056.


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