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Center for Cyber Security Studies


The Cyber Science Department and Center for Cyber Security Studies offers a range of Cyber-focused internships with industry partners, government agencies, and military organizations. These internships are critical for expanding the knowledge of midshipmen who are studying Cyber Operations and other technical fields at the United States Naval Academy.  The summer 2021 internships will provide additional opportunities for independent research, capstone projects and graduate education.


To be considered for a Cyber Science internship, you must meet the following criteria: 

  • Information about each internship can be found on the *2021_Cyber_Internship_Offerings.pptx* (Viewable only by Midshipmen and Faculty)
  • Note: You may be eligible to apply for internships offered by a department that is not the department of your major, so check out the entire list.
    • e.g., Numerous approved internships, in multiple departments, are open to MIDN with STEM technical majors.
    • e.g., Some internships are open to MIDN in any of the HUM/SS majors rather than to a specific HUM/SS department major.
    • e.g., All of the internships at the Lawrence Livermore, Los Alamos and Sandia Department of Energy labs are coordinated by Physics Department faculty.
    • A MIDN should expect that he/she will only be scheduled for one internship in a summer.
    • Any exceptions to this “one per MIDN” must be discussed with and approved by me as the USNA Internship Program Coordinator.
  • Applications closed 21 February.
  • All MIDN-to-internship pairings will be occur by the early February 2021.
    • USNA’s program uses a “MIDN apply, faculty select and MIDN accept the slot” cycle.
    • In early March, the STO will post the proposed “strawman” summer training schedule (by block) for each MIDN. (i.e., which activity is slated for each block for the MIDN)
  • This posting will include the internship: if I submitted it to STO, if the MIDN confirmed acceptance of the internship with the Faculty Sponsor & POC, and if there is no conflict with other activities.
Cyber Science Internship Summer 2021 Training Block Dates:
  •  Block 1: 01 -25 Jun
    • The internship travel “to” date is Monday, 31 May.
    • The travel “from” date for TAD/TDY Block 1 and Block 0 + 1 internships is Thursday, 24 June.
    • All MIDN-interns must be in uniform at USNA for internship wrap-up on Friday, 25 June.
  • Block 2: 28 Jun – 22 Jul
    • The internship travel “to” date is Sunday, 27 June.
    • The travel “from” date for TAD/TDY Block 2 is Thursday, 21 July.
    • All MIDN-interns must be in uniform at USNA for internship wrap-up on Friday, 22 July. 
  • Block 3: 26 Jul – 16 Aug
    • The internship travel “to” date is Sunday, 25 July.
    • The travel “from” date for TAD/TDY Block 2 is Tuesday, 17 August.
    • All MIDN-interns must be in uniform at USNA for internship wrap-up on Wednesday, 18 August. 

To learn about any internship on the list and/or to apply to a new opportunity:

Contact the Cyber Science Department faculty POC, LCDR Yasmin Odunukwe,


Internships may be canceled or adjusted as hosts assess staffing, funding & available projects.


For each MIDN selected to participate in an internship:

Stay in contact with the USNA faculty POC for the internship to receive status updates.  If you applied for multiple internship opportunities, inform ALL faculty POCs when you have committed to an internship.

Review the information in ** to understand the responsibilities of midshipmen and faculty sponsors in the execution of academic internships. 

Information about Summer Training Responsibilities and Requirements will be posted on the *Summer Training Office (STO)*.

** Viewable only by Midshipmen and Faculty

Updated as of 05 March 2021


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