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Cover of 'Torture, Power, and Law' by David Luban

Staff Publications

Dr. Joseph J. Thomas
Col. Art. Athens
  • "Leadership: What’s Love Got to Do With It?" delivered at the 1st Class Capstone Seminar, (January 11, 2008) Transcript
Dr. Edward Barrett
  • “Moral Injury: A Typology,” in Moral Injury: Humanistic Perspectives (forthcoming)
  • “Just (and Unjust) Warriors: Nature and Causes,” in Military Virtues, Michael Skerker, David Whetham and Don Carrick, eds., (Howgate, 2019)
  • “On the Relationship between the Ethics and the Law of War: Cyber Operations and Sub-Lethal Harm,” Ethics and International Affairs (2017)
  • “Reliable Old Wineskins: The Applicability of the Just War Tradition to Military Cyber Operations,” Philosophy & Technology (2015)
  • “L’éthique de la force dans le cyberspace,” Défense et Sécurité Internationale (2013)
  • “Warfare in a New Domain: The Ethics of Military Cyber Operations,” Journal of Military Ethics (2013)
  • “International Governance of Autonomous Military Robots” (co-author), Columbia Science and Technology Law Review (2011)
  • “New Warriors/New Weapons: The Ethical Ramifications of Emerging Military Technologies,” Journal of Military Ethics 9 (2011)
  • Persons and Liberal Democracy: The Ethical and Political Thought of Karol Wojtyla/John Paul II (Lexington Press, 2010)
  • “Hermeneutics and Human Rights: Catholicism, Islam, and Liberal Democracy,” in Political Islam: From Muhammad to Ahmadinejad (Praeger Press, 2009)
Mitt Regan
  • BigLaw: Money and Meaning in the Modern Firm (University of Chicago Press: 2021)
  • “From Armed Conflict to Threat Networks: Counterterrorism and Social Network Analysis,” in Fighting War as Crime and Crime as War: Legal Frameworks for National Security (Claire Finkelstein, Christopher Fuller, Jens Ohlin & Mitt Regan eds.) Oxford University Press forthcoming 2021 (co-author Todd Huntley)
  • “Accountability for Targeted Killing,” in Counter-Terrorism: The Ethical Issues (Jonas Feltes, ed.) Edward Elgar, forthcoming 2021 (co-author Mary DeRosa)
  • “Terrorist Crimes and Liberal Democratic Values,” in Counter-Terrorism: The Ethical Issues (Jonas Feltes, ed.) Edward Elgar, forthcoming 2021 (co-author Alexandra White)
  • “US and UK Oversight of Covert Action,” in National Security Intelligence: The Ethical Issues (Seumas Miller, Mitt Regan, Patrick Walsh eds.) Routledge, forthcoming 2021
  • “National Security and ‘Secret Law,’” Tex. Nat. Sec. Rev. January 2021 (Book Review Roundtable: Law’s Wars, Law’s Trials:
  • “Citizens, Suspects, and Enemies: Examining Police Militarization,” Texas Nat. Sec. Rev. Winter 2020-2021:
  • “One Minute in Haditha: Ethics and Non-Conscious Decision-Making,” 18 J. Military Ethics 1 (2019)(co-author Kevin Mullaney)
  • “From Protecting Lives to Protecting States: Use of Force Across the Threat Continuum,” 10 J. NAT. SEC. & POLICY 123 (2019)
  • “Deliberative Democracy in the National Security Setting,” in The Cambridge Handbook on Deliberative Constitutionalism (Jeff King, Hoi Kong, Ron Levy & Graeme Orr eds.)(Cambridge University Press 2018)(co-author Mary DeRosa)
  • “Legal Ethics and the Situated Lawyer,” 30 Geo. J. Legal Ethics 415 (2017)
  • “Ain’t Misbehaving: Behavioral Ethics and Rest’s Model of Moral Judgment,” 51 New Eng. L. Rev. 101 (2017) (Symposium on Behavioral Legal Ethics)(co-author Nancy L. Sachs)
  • “Lawyer Independence in Context: Lessons from Four Practice Settings,” 29 Geo. J. Legal Ethics 153 (2016) (co-authors Zachary Hutchinson & Juliet Aiken)
  • “Nested Ethics: A Tale of Two Cultures”, 42 HOFSTRA L. REV. 143 (2013)
  • “Moral Intuitions and Organizational Culture,” 51 St. Louis U. L. Rev. 941 (2007)
  • Co-Editor (with Anita L. Allen), Debating Democracy’s Discontent: Essays on American Politics, Law, and Public Philosophy Oxford University Press 1998
Dr. David Luban


Torture, Power, and Law (Cambridge University Press, 2014).

Winner of the 2015 American Publishers Association Award for Professional and Scholarly Excellence (the PROSE Award) in philosophy.

Una Teoría de Los Crímenes Contra la Humanidad, Spanish translation by Ezequiel Malarino and Marisa Vázquez of A Theory of Crimes Against Humanity (Bogota: Editorial Temis S.A., 2011).

Legal Ethics and Human Dignity (Cambridge University Press, 2007).

Horitsuka ronri to yoki hantanroku (Good Judgment in Legal Ethics) (Chuo University Press, Series of The Institute of Comparative Law in Japan 46, Tokyo, 2002). Japanese translation by Hiroshi Sumiyoshi of seven papers, with a new preface in English and Japanese.

Legal Modernism (University of Michigan Press, 1994; paperback 1997).

Fa lu xian dai zhu yi, Chinese translation by Yigong Su, with a new preface, Chinese University of Political Sciences and Law (2005).

Lawyers and Justice: An Ethical Study (Princeton University Press, 1988).


International and Transnational Criminal Law 3rd edition (Aspen Publishing – now Wolters-Kluwer Publishing).

(co-authors Julie R. O’Sullivan and David P. Stewart): 1st edition, 2010; 2nd edition 2014
(co-authors O’Sullivan, Stewart, and Neha Jain): 3rd edition, 2019.


Legal Ethics 8th edition (Foundation Press).

(co-author Deborah L. Rhode): 1st edition, 1992; 2nd edition, 1995; 3rd edition, 2001; 4th edition, 2004; 5th edition, 2008;
(co-authors Rhode and Scott L. Cummings): 6th edition, 2012;
(co-authors Rhode, Cummings, and Nora Freeman Engstrom): 7th edition, 2016; 8th edition, 2020.



Legal Ethics: Law Stories (co-edited with Deborah L. Rhode)(Foundation Press, 2005).

The Ethics of Lawyers, International Library of Essays in Law & Legal Theory (Dartmouth Publishing [UK]/NYU Press [US], 1994).

 The Good Lawyer: Lawyers’ Roles and Lawyers’ Ethics (Rowman & Allanheld, 1983).



A. Journal articles, book chapters, review essays since 2010

Moral Injury and Atonement, Journal of Military Ethics (forthcoming).

Complicity and Lesser Evils: A Tale of Two Lawyers, Georgetown Journal of Legal Ethics (forthcoming as the centerpiece of a symposium issue).

International Law and Theories of Global Justice (with Steven Ratner, Carmen Pavel, Jiewuh Song, James Graham Stewart), Proceedings of the American Society of International Law 114, June 26, 2020, available at SSRN:

Responsibility to Humanity and Threats to Peace: An Essay on Sovereignty, Berkeley Journal of International Law vol. 38, no. 2 (2020), pp. 185–239.

To be republished in The Boundaries of Sovereignty, ed. Eyal Benvenisti (Oxford University Press, forthcoming).
An abridged version will be published in a special issue of Archiv für Rechts- und Sozialphilosophie.
Ukrainian translation, Nacionalizm, prava liudyny ta perspektyvy myru, Filosofia Prava i Zagalna Teoria Prava [Philosophy of Law and General Theory of Law] 1 (2020): 147-71.

Fiduciary Legal Ethics, Zeal, and Moral Activism, Georgetown Journal of Legal Ethics vol. 33 (2020), pp. 275–300.

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On the Humanity of the Enemy of Humanity: A Response to My Critics, Netherlands Journal of Legal Philosophy, vol. 47, no. 2 (2018), pp. 187-99 (responding to four commentators on [34]). This article is part of a symposium issue on my work, available at

The Enemy of All Humanity, Netherlands Journal of Legal Philosophy, vol. 47, no. 2 (2018), pp. 112-37, available at This article is the centerpiece of a symposium issue.

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B. Major articles, book chapters, review essays before 2010

Human Dignity, Humiliation, and Torture
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