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Stockdale Blog
A blog covering ethical leadership issues relevant to
military operations, national security and domestic politics
The Center will consider submissions of 750-2000 words.
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The opinions expressed in these posts are the authors',
and do not represent those of the Stockdale Center, Navy or Department of Defense.

Image for Stoicism at the Stockdale Center
Stoicism at the Stockdale Center
  While there are many ways to analyze ADM Stockdale’s life and his leadership, in his writings about both of those, he returned to three themes again and again. The importance of experience in stressful... Read more
Image for Ethics Across the Curriculum
Ethics Across the Curriculum
  The Vice Admiral James B. Stockdale Center for Ethical Leadership is proud to have just completed a week-long inaugural “Ethics Across the Curriculum” faculty workshop. The opening words of U.S. Naval... Read more
Image for Does the World Really Need Another Leadership and Ethics Blog?
Does the World Really Need Another Leadership and Ethics Blog?
  Maybe, maybe not.  What is clear is the world needs well-considered ideas to help solve “knotty problems.”  I define a knotty problem as particularly difficult to solve, typically... Read more