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Jewish Midshipmen Club

Welcome to the JMC Website!


The Jewish Midshipmen Club (JMC) is an Extra Curricular Activity for Jewish Midshipmen at the United States Naval Academy.

JMC is run by Jewish Mids, along with Rabbi Steven Ballaban, LT, CHC, and LT Michael Wallace, USN, our officer representative. The JMC includes not just Jewish Mids but also midshipmen of all faiths who are interested in learning more about Judaism.

Every Tuesday evening at 1900 the JMC can be found at the Uriah P. Levy Center located right behind Mitscher Hall eating our way through freshly delivered pizzas or chowing down on some delicious Middle Eastern food. On Friday nights, we celebrate Kabbalat Shabbat, which includes a service at 1845 and an Oneg of bagels, cake, and cookies following the service. The JMC also participates in various events throughout the year, from Jewish Warrior Weekend to special banquets.

Thank you to our donors and to the Friends of the Jewish Chapel. Through your contributions, Jewish Mids are able to truly appreciate their faith and the friendships formed within the JMC.

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