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Department of Leadership, Ethics, and Law

Faculty Publications

  • Eberle, C. (2011). Consensus, convergence, and religiously justified coercion, Public Affairs Quarterly, 25, 281-304.
  • Eberle, C. (September, 2011). Religion, politics, and war: Pluralism, Conflict and Co-Existence: Religion, Politics and Society in Western Europe from the Confessional Age to the Present, Papers delivered at Yale University.
  • Eberle, C. (2012). Shari'a reasoning and the justice of religious war. Philosophia.
  • Eberle, C. (2012). Religion in public life, in G. Gaus & F. D'Agostino (Eds.) The Routledge Companion to Social and Political Philosophy, London: Routledge.
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  • Johnson, W. B. & Koocher, G. P. (2011). Ethical Conundrums, Quandaries and Predicaments in Mental Health Practice: A Casebook from the Files of Experts. New York: Oxford University Press.
  • Johnson, W. B. & Ridley, C. R. (2008). The elements of mentoring (revised and updated edition). New York: Palgrave-MacMillan.
  • Leonard, R. & Toth, J. (Fall 2012). Failure to Report: The Right Against Self-Incrimination and The Navy’s Treatment of Civilian Arrests after United States v. Serianne, 213 Mil. L. Rev 1.
  • Norton, M.A. (2018). The relation of trust in leaders to reporting unethical conduct: A factorial
    vignette study, Res Militaris, an online social science journal, vol.8, n°1.
  • Phillips, K. G. (2013). Unpacking Cyberwar: The Sufficiency of the Law of Armed Conflict in the Cyber Domain. Joint Forces Quarterly, issue 70, 3rd quarter, 2013. 
  • Rosenstein J. (2018).  Sexual assault and sexual harassment at the US military service academies.  Military Psychology (3), 206-218.
  • Skerker, M. (2012). An empirical re-framing of the moral equality of combatants question. San Diego, CA: ISME Conference.
  • Skerker, M. (2011). The Rights of irregular combatants. Defense Intelligence Journal 2, 35-49
  • Skerker, M. (2011) Should a captured bin Laden be mirandized? Annapolis, MD: McCain Conference.
  • Skerker, M. (2010). An ethics of interrogation. Chicago, IL: University of Chicago Press.
  • Smith, D. (2011). Role Transitions of Women in Dual Career Couples: A Life Course Perspective. Women's Research & Education Institute (WREI) Women in the Military at the Crossroads Ninth Conference on Women in the Military, Arlington, VA.
  • Smith, D. (2011). Changing Family Norms: Dual Military Couples Navigating Institutional Structures. International Biennial Meetings of the Inter-University Seminar on Armed Forces & Society, Chicago, IL.
  • Smith, D. & Huey, W. (2011). It is for us the living…Toward a Service-Warrior Ethos. 11th Biennial Conference of European Research Group on Military and Society (ERGOMAS), Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
  • Smith, D. (2011). It's About Priorities: Adaptation Strategies of Dual Military Couples. 11th Biennial Conference of European Research Group on Military and Society (ERGOMAS), Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
  • Smith, D. (2011). Developing Pathways to Families Serving Together: Dual Military Couples' Life Course and Decision-making. Joint Women's Leadership Symposium, San Diego, CA.
  • Smith, D. (2010). Families Serving Together: Military Family Life Course and Decision-making of Dual Military Couples. 80th Annual Meeting of the Eastern Sociological Society, Boston, MA.
  • Thomas, J., & Trainor, S. C. (2011). Experiential leadership development: The U.S. Naval Academy approach." Concepts and Connections: A Publication for Leadership Educators, 18 (1), 5-8.
  • Wallace, D. (2018).  Personality Consistency and Situational Influences on Behavior.  Journal of Management.
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