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Roberta Vasko Kraus


Dr. Roberta Vasko Kraus

Dr. Roberta Kraus is a Senior Faculty Associate for the Center for Creative Leadership in Colorado Springs, CO. She specializes in helping individuals and teams to develop mental strategies that lead to a consistent peak performance. World champion coaches and athletes, leaders in business and government, educators, students and parents, have used these strategies successfully. Her international reputation comes from extensive experience with designing and implementing specific mental training programs on the subject of peak performance, team leadership, group dynamics, communications, motivation and burnout. Her involvement with world-class coaches and athletes helped those individuals and teams earn numerous medals in both world and national championships. She received her undergraduate degree in higher education from Montclair State College. She has a M.A. degree in education from the University of Northern Colorado, a M.S. degree in sports psychology from the University of Arizona and a Doctorate degree in Communications from the University of Denver, specializing in its application to individual performance and team effectiveness within the athletic arena. Roberta was an alternative to the U.S. Women's Olympic Basketball team and maintains the best record in doubles in tennis while in college.

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