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Marine Corps

Ground Combat Roles

As the only element in the Marine Corps that can seize and occupy terrain, roles within the Ground Combat Element exist to win battles on the ground by asserting combat power and dominance on the battlefield. These Marines excel at conducting land-based and amphibious operations of an offensive, defensive, humanitarian, reconnaissance or security nature. Trained in the art of land warfare, these Marines will often be the first on the scene to confront threats around the world. Featured below are just a sample of the Military Occupational Specialties (MOS) from which Marine Officers choose.


Infantry Officer

Infantry Officers are central to the role of the Marine Corps as an expeditionary force. They are responsible for training their Marines for every variety of ground combat mission in any environment. They gather and evaluate intelligence on enemy forces, develop offensive and defensive battle plans and command their infantry unit's use of weapons and equipment.


Field Artillery Officer

Field Artillery Officers lead Marines in tactics, gunnery, gun-line drills, communications, maintenance, transportation and logistics. They lead close-fire support for infantry, armored reconnaissance and tank units.





Tank Officer

The Tank Officer, commanding Marines in M1A1 tanks and providing recommendations for the tactical employment of tracked vehicles in the combined arms environment during both amphibious assault and subsequent land operations ashore. 



Combat Engineer Officer

Combat Engineers command engineer units comprised of Marines in various MOSs whose duties include: repair, maintenance and operation of heavy equipment, engineer reconnaissance, obstacle system emplacement, and breaching operations.



Assault Amphibious Vehicle (AAV)  Officer

AAV Officers command AAV units and provide recommendations to the support unit commander for the tactical employment of AAV units. They direct units on maneuvers, tactical problems and combat scenarios. 



Low Altitude Air Defense (LAAD) Officer 

LAAD Officers command Ground Based Air Defense units who coordinate tactical employment of LAAD units through air command and control agencies, sensors, and other air defense weapons. They evaluate intelligence, plan surface to air fires at all echelons, and direct administration, communication, supply, maintenance and security activities of LAAD units. 

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