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School of Mathematics & Science


The School consists of five departments led by a complement of both military and civilian faculty who are dedicated to providing graduating midshipmen with a wealth of knowledge and acute problem solving skills.  

Chemistry Department

The USNA Chemistry Department houses over 50,000 square feet of modern laboratory and classroom space and equipped with state-of-the-art instrumentation, we are strongly committed to excellence in education and research in the fundamental chemical sciences as well as exploring the connections between chemistry and the other natural sciences.

Computer Science Department 

This nationally recognized department is dedicated to remaining on the leading edge of research and technology. Both the CS and IT majors are dynamic and vital components of the Naval Academy's academic program.

Math Department 

The mission of the Mathematics Department is to prepare midshipmen for the technical training they need and to open their minds to the power, beauty, and utility of mathematics.

Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences Department

Oceanography majors learn concepts in the classroom and reinforce their knowledge in laboratories, field research and during internships. After graduation, our majors utilize their expertise in the fleet, may pursue advanced degrees and eventually transition to civilian careers as professional Oceanographers or Meteorologists.

Physics Department

The major program in physics presents fundamental physical concepts and principles in such a way as to emphasize their general usefulness and lays a strong foundation for further work in a broad range of technical fields. The challenge of physics lies in uniting its laws and definitions, expressed through algebra, trigonometry and calculus, with the integrative reasoning so essential in solving new problems. A bachelor of science degree is awarded.

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