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Music Department


  • Ms. Stephanie Woodall

    Musical Activities Department Coordinator
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  • Mr. Robert Stojakovich

    Drum & Bugle Corps Director
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  • Mr. Michael Harrison

    Drum & Bugle Corps Assistant Director
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  • Mr. Ed Kitlowski

    Pipes and Drums Director (Contractor)
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  • Mr. Steven McBryde

    Gospel Choir Accompanist

  • Mr. Matthew Tucker

    Gospel Choir Accompanist

  • Mr. Timothy Steele

    Gospel Choir Accompanist

  • Dr. Chris Cicconi

    Drum & Bugle Corps Instructor - Music

  • Ms. Kimberly Scully

    Drum & Bugle Corps Instructor (Contractor)

  • Mr. Aaron Peach

    Drum & Bugle Corps Instructor - Visual (Contractor)

  • Mr. Jon Quigg

    Celtic Drum Instructor (Contractor)

  • Ms. Bonnie Wylie

    Highland Dance Instructor (Contractor)

  • Ms. Diane Kinsley

    Assistant Organist (Contractor)

  • Ms. Rebecca Hollerbach

    Cantor (Contractor)

  • Ms. Sofya Schug

    Chapel Musician and Section Leader (Contractor)

  • Ms. Kate Schmicker

    Chapel Musician and Section Leader (Contractor)

  • Mr. Edward Atsinger

    Chapel Musician and Section Leader (Contractor)

  • Mr. William Myers

    Chapel Musician and Section Leader (Contractor)

  • Mr. Ed Spuler

    Chapel Musician (Contractor)

  • Ms. Jodi Adkins

    Winter Musical Choreographer (Contractor)

  • Ms. Dawn Garish

    Halloween Concert Choreographer (Contractor)

  • Mr. Pat Stone

    Piano Curator (Contractor)

  • Mr. Bard Wickkiser

    Organ Curator (Contractor)

  • Dr. Barry Talley

    Professor Emeritus, USNA Musical Activities
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