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The 63rd Annual Naval Academy Foreign Affairs Conference


 NAFAC Theme Overview

Democracies Divided: The Proliferation of Polarization

 The conference aims to explore the internal divisions of democracies around the world, as well as divisions between democratic countries. Furthermore, we will discuss how authoritarian states are seeking to weaponize polarization in order to fracture democracies and undermine their relationships with one another.


NAFAC Mission Statement

The mission of the Naval Academy Foreign Affairs Conference is to bring together the best undergraduate minds from around the world to discuss complex modern issues in foreign policy. This experience also serves to develop lasting civil-military relationships among future leaders in the armed forces, government, and private sector.


Established in 1960, the Naval Academy Foreign Affairs Conference brings together more than 150 undergraduate students from the United States and over a dozen foreign countries for three days of critical discussions, lectures, informal exchanges, and social events.


Round Table Discussion
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