NAFAC Concluding Ceremony
Captain David G. Manero, USN
Delegates Day 2
Dr. Michael Klare
NAFAC 2015

The 56th Annual Naval Academy Foreign Affairs Conference

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Women and Security : The Implications of Promoting Global Gender Equality. 

April 11-14, 2016

2016 NAFAC is now over.

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Promoting the status of women and girls is an increasingly central element of U.S. national security strategy and foreign policy; and yet, the discussion of why, how and what it means to empower women is often a marginal conversation in security studies. The 2016 NAFAC conference will explore the security implications of promoting gender equity as policy.  We will draw upon a wide range of interdisciplinary approaches, in exploring the role of women in armed conflict, political power and decision-making broadly defined.  We will explain the relationship between women and economic development, education, health, human rights and communal violence in promoting or undermining  human security.  The time is ripe for this look at the relations between gender and security, at NAFAC 2016, given the 40th anniversary of women's admission to the US Naval Academy.  Throughout three days of guest speakers, panels and roundtable discussions, we invite participants to explore if a country can get ahead if it leaves half of its people behind--is women's empowerment society's empowerment? --and crucial to the security of states globally?  Policies that promote the full participation of women and girls in education, the economy and politics are said to enable the shared global goals of prosperity, stability, and peace for all the world's citizens.  How much of a priority should these issues be in global security policies? 

Established in 1961, the Naval Academy Foreign Affairs Conference brings together more than 150 undergraduate students from the United States and over a dozen foreign countries every year for three days of critical discussions, lectures, informal exchanges, and social events.


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