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U.S. Naval Academy Photo Lab
U.S. Naval Academy Photo Lab

Welcome to the U.S. Naval Academy Photo Lab

The U. S. Naval Academy Photo Lab supports the U.S. Naval Academy as well as members of all U.S. Military branches, and DOD civilians. 

The Photo Lab provides official photographic service for official records, publications, news releases, and academic requirements.  

Studio services include:

  • Head and shoulder portrait 
  • Full-length photo
  • Official passport photo
  • Department of the Army (D.A.) photos
  • D.O.D. Civilian Portraits

Arrive early

The photo lab, located in Larson Hall (basement), has two dressing rooms available. If you arrive and plan to use one of them, give yourself ample time to do so, so your appointment can start on time.

Be Prepared

Please ensure your uniform is ready and serviceable before your appointment. It is your responsibility to ensure your uniform, badges, ribbons, devices and accessories meet or exceed your military service requirements. Service members are encouraged to bring someone to look over their uniform prior to stepping into the studio. 

Please note our studio is not manned every day. The Photo Lab & Studio work on an appointment only basis. Walk-ins can not be accommodated. 

When you call the photo lab to make an appointment, please make sure you give the photographer making the appointment  the following:  

  • Name, rank, and email address
  • Type of photo: DA, passport, full length, official portrait, ISOPREP, Award, etc.
  • Size of photo: 8x10, 5x7, passport, etc.

The same information is required if you use email to make your appointment. Email booking requests to

Schedule a studio appointment


The alteration of official Department of Defense imagery is prohibited according to DoD instructions. There are some exceptions; photographic techniques common to traditional darkrooms and digital imaging stations are allowed, such as dodging, burning, color balancing, spotting, and contrast adjustment.

Digital copies of your photos are emailed to you. If you require a print copy, it will take between same day - 3 days for production and you will be notified when it’s completed and ready for pick up. 

If you have any questions or concerns for more information, call the photo lab at 410.293.3572  or email us at