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Physics Department

General Physics

General Physics I & II

These courses emphasize the fundamental principles of classical physics and introduce a variety of applications. Topics include mechanics, electricity, magnetism, wave motion, fluids, sound and light. Lectures, recitations, hands-on laboratories, and large-scale demonstration lectures are employed.

Learning Outcomes: The foundation of our physics core program is designed around learning outcomes, four for each core physics course. These outcomes dovetail with the Naval Academy’s vision of graduates as leaders who are proficient, innovative and articulate and the department’s goal of graduates who can competently apply the fundamental principles of physics to the challenges of the Fleet. Generally, we have four learning outcomes:

(1) Know General Physics I concepts and use them qualitatively to draw general conclusions about physical situations.

(2) Apply General Physics I concepts to solve technical problems quantitatively using both symbolic variables and numeric values.

(3) Use vector mathematics reliably as a natural part of your approach to physics.

(4) Use mathematics from your Calculus I, II, III sequence reliably as a natural part of your approach to physics.

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