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Student Unmanned Aerial Systems Flight Team
Navy plane


Small scale fixed wing aircraft are a popular platform for long range, stable flight systems. The fixed wing system ensures a higher level of reliability and ease of operation in flight when compared to other types of UAVs such as rotary wing and flying wing aircraft. The most important specifications of our UAV when compared to other systems is the systems modularity and upgradability. The Senior Telemaster fixed wing aircraft will be controlled by a Pixhawk 3DR Autopilot. The main challenge of this project is effectively designing a system capable of achieving the four designated tasks prescribed by the SUAS 2016 Competition – image processing, autonomous flight, airdrop, and autonomous landing. Similar projects have completed all the competition tasks in previous years; however, this aircraft will be the first system designed by the Naval Academy to be entered into the SUAS Competition. The array of onboard sensors will enable the system to properly execute the competition tasks and receive a high score.

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