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Professor Maochun Miles Yu

Selected Scholarly and Media Activities

Active Participation in the following Professional Organizations

  • American Historical Association
  • Association for Asian Studies
  • American Association for Chinese Studies
  • Chinese Military History Society, director, 1999-2002
  • Chinese Historians in the U.S, (CHUS), vice president, 1989-1990

Academic Presentations and Conference Papers

  • "China since Tiananmen: Power, Party and Society" The American Enterprise Institute,  26 May, 2009
  • “An Assessment of Jung Chang and Jon Halliday’s Mao Biography and its Critics,” Association for Asian Studies annual conference, San Francisco, April 2006
  • “Military Aid Programs to China during World War II,”  Conference on the Military History of the Sino-Japanese War, 1937-1945,  under the aegis of Harvard University’s Asian Studies Center, Maui, Hawaii, 8 January 2004
  • “China’s Decision to Use Force: A Historical Perspective,” Conference on Military Balance and Decision Making across the Taiwan Strait, St Anthony’s College, Oxford University, UK, 27 February 2004
  • “China-Burma-India Theater of War: A Reassessment,” Nimitz Pacific War Foundation, Fredericksburg, Texas, 20 September 2003
  • “Cold War in East Asia—The First Shots,” The First Division Museum/George Marshall Foundation/Library, Chicago, August 2000
  • “Chinese History, Asian Values and China’s Prospect for Democracy,” Conference on “China and the World, Asian Center/Patterson School of Diplomacy and International Commerce, University of Kentucky, Lexington, 11 October 2003
  • “Wartime Propaganda in China, 1937-1945,” Conference on “Media and World War II,” sponsored by Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan, 21 November 2003
  • “Recent Archival Disclosures on World War II in Asia,” Conference on “Media and World War II,” sponsored by Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan, 21 November 2003
  • “Ideology and Diplomacy in the People’s Republic of China, 1949-1979, “Back to the Future: Diplomatic Legacies for a Post-Cold War East Asia:An International Conference, Center for East Asian Studies, The University of Pennsylvania, 18-19 September, 1998
  • “China and the Beginning of the Cold War: New Sources from the Other Side,” The Cold War International History Project, Woodrow Wilson Center for Scholars, Washington, DC 5 May, 1997
  • “Intelligence Operations During the Marshall Mission to China,” Re-Examining the Marshall Mission to China 1945-1947: A Symposium, VMI, 19 Oct. 1996
  • “Secret Society in Eastern Sichuan (1911-1949): the Case of Paoge,” at the annual meeting of the Association for Asian Studies, Honolulu, April 1996
  • “The Problem of Command and the OSS in China during WWII,” at the annual meeting of the Society of Military History, Arlington, VA, April 1996
  • “The End of the War In East Asia,” at the conference on the 50th Anniversary of the End of WWII, organized by The World War II Studies Association, the National Archives, Washington, DC., May 1995
  • “Local Chinese Archives and American Studies on Modern China,” at the international conference “Local Chinese Archives & the Historiography of Modern China,”  sponsored by the U.S. National Archives, the Chinese Central Archives, the State Archives Bureau (PRC) and the University of Maryland’s China Regional Seminar. College Park, Maryland, 5-7Oct., 1995

Invited Lectures

  • "Chinese Leadership Change: Origins and Patterns," Arlington, VA, July 2008
  • “Calculating China’s Decision to Attack Taiwan,” East Asian Studies Center, Princeton University, 28 September 2005
  • “A Historical Evaluation of China’s Military Strategy,” Institute of World Politics, Washington DC, 24 September 2003 and 26 February 2004
  • “Press and Governance in China—A Historical Perspective,” Hong Kong Foreign Correspondence Club, Hong Kong, 6 August 2004
  • “The Modernization of the People’s Liberation Army and its Ramifications,” the Asia Society, Hong Kong, 7 August 2004
  • “Whither China?” Macau Military Club, Macau, 9 August 2004
  • “Truth in History: the Training and Prospering of Historians in the US,” Nankai University, Tianjin, China, November 2000
  • “US-China Relation: History and its Problems,” Nanjing-Hopkins Center, Nanjing University, China, November 2000
  • “Chinese Nationalism in Historical Perspective: Hong Kong and Beyond,” 19 March, 1997, USNA Faculty Colloquium
  • “The Chinese Revolution and its Human Cost,” special lecturer, The Associates Program, the Smithsonian Institute, 5 April, 1999
  • “Human Rights and Asian Values,” Noon lecture for NAFAC moderators, 26 Jan. 1998
  • “Asian Values and Modernization,” Evening seminar for Rhodes Scholars Program of 1999, USNA, 5 Oct, 1997
  • “The Greater China and Its Implications,” Noon lecture for Rhodes Scholars Program of 1998, November, 1997
  • “Miles Away in China: How America’s Rice Paddy Navy Fought during WWII,” Navy-Marine Corps History Seminar, Navy Historical Center, Washington Navy Yard, 18 Nov., 1997
  • “China: Superpower of Tomorrow?----China today: Winds of Change,” guest lecturer, the Smithsonian Resident Associate Program, 22 Oct. 1996
  • “Buddhism in the East and the West,” the Unitarian Church of Annapolis, 1 Jan., 1995
  • “The Boxer Rebellion in China,” USNA Midshipman History Club, Nov. 1995
  • “OSS in China during World War II,” Jiaozi Club, Washington D.C., Sept. 1995

Chairing Conference Panels

  • “Personalities and Personality Conflicts in Sino-American Relations, 1946-1974,” Annual Meeting, the Society for Historians of American Foreign Relations (SHAFR), 23 June, 2005
  • “U.S. Expeditionary Forces to China in the 20th Century,” at the 2005 Naval History Symposium, Annapolis, MD, 7 April, 2005
  • “Western Observers of Chinese Communism in Wartime China, 1937-1945,” Annual Conference of Association for Asian Studies (Mid-Atlantic Region), The George Washington University, Washington DC, 24 October, 2003
  • Chief organizer of annual conference for Chinese Military History Society, Rickover Hall, USNA, March 2000
  • “China and the U.S. Navy in World War II,” at the 14th Naval History Symposium, Annapolis, MD, 24 September, 1999
  • The United States, China, and Taiwan Since 1950,” at the annual conference of the Society for Historians of American Foreign Relations, Annapolis, Maryland, 23 June, 1995


  • “War and Revolution in Sichuan, China, 1937-1949,” 41st Conference of Association for Asian Studies, Southeast, Chattanooga, TN, January 2002
  • “US-Chinese-Anglo-Japanese Intelligence Operations In East Asia During WWII,” at the annual conference of the Association for Asian Studies, San Diego, March 2000
  • “Cold War and Intelligence Operation,” at the Organization of American Historians, Toronto, Canada, April 1999
  • “Putting Intelligence To Work: The Office of Strategic Services and U.S. Agencies During World War II,” at the annual conference of the Society of Military History,20 April, 1996

Selected Media and Public Appearances

  • Testified at the Congressional Hearing, “Chinese Nationalism and Its Implications for Sino-US Relationship,” US-China Economic and Security Review Commission of the Senate Appropriation Committee, Russell Senate Building, Capitol Hill, Washington DC, 14April, 2005
  • The Discovery Channel, “Khubilai Khan: Fall of the Mongol Hordes,” chief historian for the one-hour special on the 1281 Chinese/Mongol invasion of Japan, broadcast on 20 March, 2005
  • The History Channel International, “History of the Taiwan Strait Hostility,” 7 December 2004
  • Testified at the Congressional Hearing, “SARS Crisis and China’s Media Control,” US-China Economic and Security Review Commission of the Senate Appropriation Committee,  Russell Senate Building, Capitol Hill, Washington DC, June 2003
  • NewsHour with Jim Lehrer, “U.S.-China Spy-plane Standoff,” 19 April, 2001
  • NewsHour with Jim Lehrer, “A Vote for Change in Taiwan,” 20 March, 2000
  • The History Channel, “Mao’s Secrets,” feature historian, “Sworn to Secrecy,” Spring 2000 (This hour-long program is based upon my book, “OSS in China-A Prelude to Cold War”)
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