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Professor Maochun Miles Yu


Courses I have taught at USNA

Core Courses:

  • HH104 US Naval History
  • HH215A Asia in the Pre-modern World
  • HH206/216 The West in the Modern World

Upper Level Specialty Survey Courses

  • HH361 History of East Asia
  • HH366 Comparative World Cultures (Co-taught with two other regionalists)

Upper Level Specialty Courses:

  • HH367A Culture, War and Society in Traditional China
  • HH367B Military History of Communist China
  • HH485F Japan and Manchukuo
  • HH486D US Forces in China during WWII
  • HH485B Chinese Military History from Stone Age to Nuclear Age—A Survey
  • HH496 Military History of Modern China
  • HH496 Themes in Modern Chinese Diplomatic History
  • HH496 Modern Japanese Military-Civilian Relations

History Capstone Seminars:

  • HH462 Chinese Art of War
  • HH508 Historiography and Philosophy of History—an honors seminar
  • HH462 Military History of Communist China
  • HH462 History and Historiography of Communist China
  • HH462C Military History of Communist China
  • HH262E History of the Pacific War, 1937-1945
  • HH462B Historical Perspectives of the Pacific Rim
  • HH262B Imagining Asia: Perception of Modern China in the US
  • HH262D Chinese Military History
  • HH462B Chinese Warlords
  • HH262D Themes and Historiography of Modern China
  • HH462C WWII in East Asia

Recent Honors Thesis Courses and Honors Projects Under My Supervision:

  • HH509 and HH512, What’s Written and Recorded: Contradictions of Nixon and Kissinger’s Writings and Archival Sources, Midn Robert Epstein, 2008
  • HH509 and HH512, The Battle of Nomonhan and Its Ramifications, Midn Brian Smith, Class of 2007
  • HH509 and HH512, Tracking the Chinese Dragon—The Origin and Development of China’s Submarine Force, 1953-1988, Midn David Faherty III, Class of 2006
  • HH509 and HH512, An Icon of the Cold War—How Symbolism Defined Sino-American Relations during the Taiwan Strait Crises in the 1950s. Midn Eugene Paul, Class of 2006
  • HH509 and HH512, The Tug of War over Hong Kong: How China, Great Britain and the United  States Struggled to Decide the Post-WWII Status of Hong Kong. Midn Zachary Jones, Class of 2005
  • HH509 and HH512, The Development of the Uyghur Nationalism in China’s Xinjiang Province. Midn Elizabeth Gayer, Class of 2005
  • HH509 and HH512, Proto-Historic Japanese Intervention in Korea in the 4th Century AD. Midn Ivan Kanzaki, Class of 2003
  • HH509 and HH512, The Philippine Insurrection and the Origin of the U.S. Counterinsurgency Doctrine, 1899-1903. Midn Nicholas A. Benson, Class of 2003
  • HH509 and HH512, Missed Opportunities: The U.S. in Indo-china in 1945. Midn John Pontrello, Class of 2002
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