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Combat Arms Team

About C.A.T.


The United States Naval Academy Combat Arms Team is a relatively small team, comprised of approximately 16 members annually. Combat style shooting is a highly technical sport, requiring a great amount of safety, team unity, and practice time. For this reason, the team remains small, dedicated, and enthusiastic about their shooting. The small group provides an optimum environment for safe and adequate training.  Tryouts are held during first semester for the current plebe class and generally consist of a modified PRT, shooting skill-sets and an interview.


The Joint Service Academy Weapons Competition is a two day long tournament between the US Coast Guard, Military, and Naval Academies. They compete in individual and team courses of fire which test both the physical and mental ability of each participant. The courses range from both inside and outside settings and include the use of M4 carbines, pump and automatic shotguns, services pistols and machine guns. Each team delivers a list of their top shooters prior to the competition to be scored as a team.


The USNA Combat Arms Team actively participates in IDPA competitions throughout the year. These competitions help develop our shooting skills and represent the Naval Academy to our local shooting communities.  The Combat Arms Team also began participating in the Military College Combat Shooting Competition, organized by the Army Marksmanship Unit.  We are always in search of competition with local or nearby units and teams.


The Combat Arms Team incorporates a hand to hand element to its training in addition to its practical shooting skill sets. The purpose of this training is to gain competency and familiarity in hand to hand combat, edge weapons, and close quarters battle to further ingratiate the members of CAT into the world of combat.


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