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The Labyrinth


If you've come upon us by accident, then you're in luck - we are the Naval Academy's Literary Magazine, a midshipman-run, midshipman-furnished publication that seeks to showcase the brilliant creative talent of the Brigade of Midshipmen!

Submissions for year 2015 are currently open! If you are a Midshipman looking to be published, send your submissions for consideration to Thanks goes out to all our readers and all of those who submit.


Latest News

While the 2015 Labyrinth is still in the works, the 2014 Labyrinth has been published! We would like to extend our sincerest appreciation to the Brady Family for supporting the Labyrinth and making the publication of Midshipmen talent a possibility. We would also like to thank the English Department for fostering an environment that promotes such creativity.

About The Labyrinth

The Labyrinth is an annual publication of the US Naval Academy's English Department. It is composed of the creative genius of the Academy's Midshipmen. The design, editing, and publication of the magazine are the direct result of the efforts of many Midshipmen with guidance from the USNA English Department's Faculty and Officers.

Symbolism Of The Labyrinth

The first edition of The Labyrinth was published with a drawing of a labyrinth on the cover. The title has a dual meaning. Physically, it refers to the Midshipmen's dormitory, Bancroft Hall, with its 4.8 miles of corridors and 33 acres of floor space. Psychologically, it refers to all of the rules the Midshipmen must navigate.

Amethyst By Aaron Batiste

Amethyst By Aaron Batiste

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