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Lasers in Maritime Environments (LiME)

Introduction to Laser Research - Student Projects


MIDN Appel, MIDN Lachgar, MIDN Silver, MIDN Usadi


MIDN Boskov, MIDN Hamilton, MIDN Midgette


MIDN Butchko, MIDN Perry


MIDN Cheshire, MIDN Viswanathan, MIDN Engl, MIDN Hobson


MIDN Grant, MIDN Porter, MIDN Ryder


MIDN Peralta, MIDN Lockhart, MIDN Caron


MIDN Prince, MIDN Rost, MIDN Nguyen


MIDN Schieuer, MIDN Gatbonton, MIDN Wiedemann



MIDN Sweet, MIDN Pattison

MIDN Schwarzkopf


MIDN Cabrera, MIDN Slavens

MIDN Zion, MIDN Lanham


MIDN Peeleman, MIDN Carlson, MIDN Vasconez

MIDN Carpenter, MIDN O'Bryant

MIDN Vasconez, MIDN Carpenter

MIDN O'Bryant, MIDN Carlson, MIDN Peeleman


MIDN Kelsey, MIDN Rosenthal

MIND Bandarra, MIDN Vegel

MIDN Cully, MIDN Giornelli

MIDN Costantino


MIDN Lipp, MIDN Quandt

An Evaluation of the Scintillation Index and Average Intensity of Coherent and Incoherent Laser Light


MIDN Hallgren, MIDN Stensrud

MIDN Maldonado, MIDN Carothers, MIDN Lucas

MIDN Kuerbitz, MIDN Suqi

  • Young's Double Slit Experiment 

Course Policy


HW assignments

HW 1 handout  and data

HW 2 handout

HW 3 handout

HW4 handout

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