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Academic Center (Center for Academic Excellence)

Other Academic Resources at USNA

There are additional academic resources available for midshipmen beyond those provided by the Center for Academic Excellence.

The Mathematics Department provides resources covering various topics, including math used in physics and engineering courses. The Math Lab, located in Chauvenet 130, is available to midshipmen to supplement meetings with their own instructors. Staffed by faculty members of the Mathematics Department, the Math Lab provides assistance in all core mathematics courses to midshipmen without prior appointments throughout the academic day.

The Chemistry Department operates a Chemistry Resource Room in Michelson 100. It is staffed by Chemistry faculty during the day and some evenings, and functions similarly to the Math Lab. There is also an extensive set of on-line resources for Plebe Chemistry.

The Student Academic Development Office (SADO) provides personalized, comprehensive, faculty-led, academic advising and mentoring.  Inquiries about our Academic Advising Programs may be directed to the Dean of Student Academic Development (DSAD) or the Associate Provost for Academic Affairs (APAA).

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