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Midshipman Research
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Midshipman doing research

Research Projects

All USNA departments offer research or independent study opportunities for midshipmen.  These can include research, capstone, design, or independent study courses.  Consult your department's policies to determine how these courses would fit into your matrix or what pre-requisites are required.  Most independent research courses are designated XX495 (fall) or XX496 (spring), with corresponding honors course equivalents.  For example, EM495 is the research course offered to mechanical engineering students.

Below are some examples of midshipman research projects: 
Some midshipman research accomplishments:     

Many other areas for research projects exist. 
Review a department's webpages or faculty research pages for more examples of projects.

Midshipman travel to meetings and conferences:

Support for midshipmen research projects and travel is provided by several funding agencies.  Our main funding source is the Office of Naval Research (ONR).  We are grateful for their support of midshipman research.

USNA is an institutional member of CUR (Council on Undergraduate Research).

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