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Videos are listed in chronological order, most recent first.


“The Impact of the Internet on Chinese Language and Studies.”
Dr. Victor Mair, University of Pennsylvania, November 12, 2014

“Superconducting Maglev Deployment Project in Japan and the United States.”
Mr. Kevin Ichikawa, Central Japan Railway, November 4,2014

“Minority Policy in Northwest Asia.”  
Dr. Minglang Zhou, University of Maryland, October 29,2014

“Beijing City of Walls.”
 Dr. Haili Kong, Swarthmore College September 17, 2014


"China's Grand Strategies: Continental and Maritime Visions in China's Grand Strategies,"
Charle Horner, The Hudson Institute, 20 Oct 2012

"Sino-Soviet Split and the Third World"
Jeremy Friedman, Yale University, 28 Mar 2012

" America's China Reporting: History and Prospect"
Mike Chinoy, CNN, USC, 6 Mar 2012

"How the Communist Party Rules China"
Richard McGregor, The Financial Times, 23 Feb 2012


"Fragging in Vietnam and Its Lessons"
George Lepre, 5 Nov. 2011

The U.S.-Japan Alliance and Its Global Implications"
The Honorable Ichiro Fujisaki, Japanese Ambassador to the U.S., 5 Oct 2011

Japan's Defensive Initiatives and Northeast Asia Nuclear Security
Michael Auslin, The American Enterprise Institute, 27 Sept 2011

Idealism vs. Realism in USG's Foreign Affairs Personnel Training
John Tkacik, Washington, DC, 24 Sept 2011

Tahrir vs. Tiananmen Square: Why Egypt is Different from China? 
John Pomfret, The Washington Post, 2 March 2011

Japan's National Security Environment: Challenges Facing the Self-Defense Force 
CAPT Takamichi Takahashi, Japan MSDF,12 Feb 2011

U.S. Involvement in Laos: Lessons and Leadership
Tim Castle, CIA [former], 29 Jan 2011


Political Discontent in East Asian Emerging Democracies
T.J. Cheng, College of William and Mary, 17 Nov 2010

The Meaning and Significance of the Latest Aircraft Carrier Design to Modern Warfare
John Manvel, USNA, 6 Nov 2010

The U.S.-Japan Alliance at a Crossroads: Crafting a New Vision for Security Cooperation in Northeast Asia
Sheila Smith, Council on Foreign Relations, 28 Oct 2010

Jesus in Beijing: Christianity and the China Factor 
David Aikman, Time Magazine, 18 Oct 2010

China's Realist Approach to Culture in International Relations
Daniel Lynch, University of Southern California, 1 Oct 2010

Battle of Bangkok: Recent Political Violence in Thailand 
Richard Ruth, USNA, 14 Sept 2010

Winning the Unwinnable War
Elan Journo, California, 11 Sept 2010

Politics and the Chinese Language
Perry Link, Princeton University, 23 April 2010

China's Rising Influence in Key Regions of the World
USNA Panel of regional experts, 17 April 2010

Vietnamese Poetry in Exile – A Performance
Le Pham Le, California, 2 April 2010

Strait Talk: U.S.-Taiwan Relations and the Crisis with China
Nancy Tucker, Georgetown University, 26 March 2010

So You're Going to Japan: A Pre-Departure Roundtable for Japan-Bound 1/C Mids
24 March 2010

Contemporary Japanese Culture and Psychology
David Matsumoto, San Francisco State University, 2 March 2010

From Wild Swans to Mao: My Personal Journey towards the Understanding of Mao
Jung Chang, London, UK, 18 Feb 2010

Civic States and Counterinsurgency: A Global Perspective
Asia Forum Panel Discussion, 15 Feb 2010

U.S.-Japan Relations: the Next Steps
Robin Sakoda,  The Armitage International, Washington DC., 10 Feb 2010

Iranian-Chinese Relations
Sara Vakhshouri-Bellenoit, Annapolis, 2 Feb 2010


An American Strategy for Asia
Daniel Blumenthal, the American Enterprise Institute, 23 Oct 2009

Conceptual Viewpoint of the Chinese Language
Wenze Hu, USNA, 25 Sept 2009

Chinese Mine Warfare and Submarine Operations
Andrew Erickson, Naval War College, RI., 4 Sept 2009

Halting the Flow of Opiates: What is Asia's Stake?
Victoria Greenfield, USNA, 17 April 2009

King and Us: How Thailand Is Evolving
Richard Ruth, USNA, 10 April 2009

China in Transition
Roderick MacFarquhar, Harvard University, 3 April 2009

Challenges and Responses: Japan's National Security Environment
CAPT Takamichi Takahashi, Japan MSDF, 27 March 2009

US-PRC Confrontations in the South China Sea
Eric McVadon, RADM, USN [Ret], former Defense Attaché to China, 25 March 2009

How to Manage the Rise of China: Lessons of History in a Global Perspective
Robert Kagan, the Brookings Institute, 11 March 2009

Prospects and Challenges: Chinese Companies Going Global
Fangyuan Yuan, USNA, 27 Feb 2009

Whither Indian-Pakistani Rivalry?
Hayden Bellenoit, USNA, 20 Feb 2009

China's Legal System: Omnipresence or Just Another Bureaucracy?
Donald Clarke, The George Washington University, 13 Feb 2009

Abroad in China: A Report by Mids Study Abroad
30 Jan 2009

Japan on the Severn: A Report by Mids Study Abroad
23 Jan 2009

China's Aircraft Carrier Program and Its Future Power Projection
Richard Fisher, Washington DC, 15 Jan 2009


As China Goes, So Goes the Planet: China's Environmental Challenges in International Context
Judith Shapiro, the American University,  21 Nov 2008

Is China a Revisionist Power?
Yong Deng, USNA, 7 Nov 2008

Outsourcing, America, Terrorism: India as a Rising Global Power
Hayden Bellenoit, USNA, 31 Oct 2008

Islamic Revival in Malaysia
Ermin Sinanovic, USNA,  22 Oct 2008

How to Disarm Kim Jong-il: China and the Koreas
Gordon Chang, NY, 30 Sept 2008

H ow China Manages Taiwan and Why It Matters to the U.S. Navy
Andrew Scobell, Texas A & M University, 26 Sept 2008

Will Capitalism Bring Democracy to China?
James Mann, Los Angeles Times,  SAIS, Washington DC., 12 Sept 2008

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